Tom Brady Hints at Giving Fans More 'Thirst Trap' Pics After His Underwear Selfie Goes Viral
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The seven-time Super Bowl champion teases his plan to post more raunchy snapshots on social media in the latest episode of his SiriusXM podcast 'Let's Go!'.

AceShowbiz - Newly-single Tom Brady may have enjoyed sharing racy photos on social media. The former NFL star has hinted that he may post more "thirst trap" content after his underwear mirror selfie went viral on the Internet.

In the Monday, February 13 edition of his SiriusXM podcast "Let's Go!", the seven-time Super Bowl champion addressed that racy thirst trap selfie and hinted that more of the steamy snaps could be on the way, though not "too many."

"It's Valentine's Day," the father of three said of the February 6 revealing selfie, in which he grabbed his crotch while wearing a pair of his Brady Brand undies. "Go buy some. Get your favorite underwear. They're actually amazing. I'm wearing 'em right now and I promise not to share too many more of those photos."

Tom also revealed that he wasn't even sure what "thirst trap" meant when he took to the Brady Brand Instagram account to share the photo, which promptly went viral. "That's, I think, millennial verbiage," he said. "I actually even had to look that up so I didn't even quite know what that meant, but just thought it was a good picture with some underwear. Nothing more than that actually."

Perhaps the most entertaining part was when Tom admitted that it was "easier" to pull it off than if he were still playing football. "It is a little easier to do when you don't have to walk into a locker room the next day, I will say that," the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said, before detailing, "Because if I did that and walked in the locker room, I'd have gotten a lot of s**t."

Indeed, Tom's seductive shot was mocked by Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Rob told Entertainment Tonight that he didn't think Tom "did it right." The 33-year-old tight end then explained that Tom's "hand is not in the right place," before joking, "He's covering up a little bit. You're not supposed to be covering up! That's what's supposed to be showing."

"It's uncharacteristic of him, for sure. But that's what we love about Tom," Rob added with a laugh. "When he throws a curveball, it's always for the fun and it's always great to see him doing that."

For his part, Julian ridiculed Tom's selfie in an Instagram Reel. "Gotta start somewhere bubs. Practice makes perfect," the football player wrote in the caption of his post. "Looks like old Tommy boy is getting into the thirst trap game."

Julian then gave Tom a hard time for the lighting in his selfie but complimented his location choice. "Lighting...I don't know, the background's great. Is it a green screen? I don't know," joked the three-time Super Bowl champion. He later criticized the placement of Tom's hand, saying, "What are you covering, bubs? Let it hang, bubs!"

Tom's racy snapshot came after he announced his NFL retirement and his divorce from Gisele Bundchen. Tom and Gisele finalized their divorce in October last year. It's reported that his decision to continue playing for another season for Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year caused massive friction between him and the Brazilian supermodel, leading to the eventual end of their marriage.

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