Jessica Simpson Slammed for Sharing Photo of Her Peeing in Grass: 'Cringey'

While some people find the 'Dukes of Hazzard' star's confession hilarious and 'human,' others call her out for oversharing and accuses her of seeking attention.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Simpson has gotten candid about the not-so-pretty side of her seemingly glamorous life, but it's apparently too much for some people. The singer/actress has been blasted by social media users after posting a photo of her peeing in the grass during a photo shoot.

On Friday, February 10, the 42-year-old made use of her Instagram account to share the picture. She was seen crouching down on the outdoor set and smiling with her legs spread apart. "When you gotta go, you gotta go. Set life," she captioned it.

Her confession soon drew mixed responses, with some people calling her out for oversharing. "I get this is normal.... But taking a photo of it and posting it online..... weird," one person commented. Another dubbed it "cringey," while a third critic told Jessica, "You don't have to post everything you do online lady .."

Another agreed as writing, "I'm sorry but nobody needs to see that. And it's not funny! Just attention seeking! So sad." A fifth user echoed the sentiment, "Why even take a pic? Yes we've all been there. And I'm sure there are plenty bathrooms on set considering," while someone else added, "What's next a poop shot? We all human but some things should be done in private and not advertised. It's NOT funny."

Rachel Zoe, however, found Jessica's confession hilarious. "Omg I'm so happy NOTHING has changed @jessicasimpson dying," the fashion designer weighed in on the post. Another said, "Nice to see this. It sounds weird but it makes you human and down to earth. ( no pun intended)."

Defending the mother of three against the critics, someone wrote, "Dude. These comments do not pass the vibe check. Im sober and I've done this a million times. It's funny. You can't see anything. She's always been goofy. Y'all are just looking for reasons to judge and hate. Get a better hobby." Also supporting Jessica, another commented, "Your human, thanks for sharing and ignore the haters."

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