'Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)' follows the Australian singer/rapper's previously-released singles 'I Can't Go Back to the Way It Was (Intro)' and 'Love Again', which are expected to appear on his upcoming debut album, 'The First Time'.

AceShowbiz - The Kid LAROI continues to use music for self-reflection. On Friday, February 10, the "Stay" hitmaker released a new track called "Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)", on which he walks down memory lane.

On the track, the Australian native laments about how things are different now compared to his childhood. "Growing up I used to wanna be my Uncle Wayne/ Until I saw his body layin' in the grave (Rest in peace)/ Growing up I used to want a Jeep Wrangler, until I got to drive a Range," he raps.

"Growing up I used to have a lot of friends (F**k 'em all), until I saw the money change 'em," he continues. "Growing up I used to want a lot of h*es, until I met Ben Franklin/ I'm writin' this from a place that you ain't heard about."

"Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)" follows LAROI's previously-released singles "I Can't Go Back to the Way It Was (Intro)" and "Love Again". On the first song, the singer/rapper recalls the moment he spent time with his family as he rhymes, "Momma say she drinkin' to forget/ I told my momma 'Save your son a sip'/ Tryna slow my breath and get a grip/ I think life is harder than in death/ They're in Heaven, I'm the one that's left."

Meanwhile, on the second one, he reflects on the sweet moments of his past relationship. "Can we find love again?/ Is this time the end?" LAROI, born Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, sings in the chorus. "Tell me, how many more tears will drop/ 'Til you hit me with 'Can we talk?'/ And try love again/ Can we find love again?"

The three songs are expected to appear on LAROI's upcoming debut album, "The First Time". When announcing the project in January, he shared a trailer on Instagram, in which he said, "You never forget the first tim. The first time you fall in love. The first time you get caught. The first time you feel shame. The first real kiss."

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