Idris Elba Admits Being Health-Conscious Stresses Him Out
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The 'Suicide Squad' actor says that being in the film industry requires him to be 'catastrophe-ready' and very health-conscious, admitting that it's 'a gift, but it's also a stress.'

AceShowbiz - Idris Elba is always "catastrophe-ready." The 50-year-old actor admits that he's always conscious of a "worst-case scenario" whenever he's working.

He explained to Esquire UK magazine, "I'm catastrophe-ready. In the film industry, you always think: worst-case scenario, what would happen if there were an explosion? What would I do? What would happen if this guy walks in and he's kicking off? I'd have to f**king knock him out. They're kind of dark thoughts. But depending on how you decipher what I'm saying, I think there might be readers who will go, 'Yeah, man. I kind of relate.' "

Idris also confessed to being very health-conscious. He shared, "My job encourages me to make sure I take my vitamins. So my skin looks good, my eyes are bright, my body is in shape. And that's a gift, but it's also a stress. If I just wanna crack open a six-pack of Red Stripe, I've got to think about what that might do to my camera persona. It's part of the game."

Idris has already enjoyed huge success as a film and TV actor. But the London-born star still feels uncomfortable in the spotlight. He said, "My public persona is exactly that - it's a public persona. In my personal life, there are things that I'm not great at. Not successful at. That I don't have a grasp of in a way I'd like to. If I like being by myself all the time, what happens when I open the door and loads of people come in? That is a challenge, and that is something I am not very good at. I prefer my own company. I function better on my own. I’m more at ease."

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