Ice Spice Likened to Lauren London in High School Picture

After the 'Munch (Feelin' U)' raptress' pre-fame photo from her high school yearbook surfaces online, many gush over her natural beauty and how she looks like the 'You People' actress in the image.

AceShowbiz - Ice Spice has clearly changed a lot in terms of her physical appearance since before she made her official debut in the hip-hop scene. Known for her distinct red curly hair, she used to sport darker hair and less makeup, which didn't make her less attractive.

Recently, the 23-year-old raptress' high school picture surfaced online, showing her with her natural long raven hair, which was styled simple and straight. Upon seeing the old photo from the star's yearbook, fans were talking about not only how distinct she looked like back then, but also how she resembled Lauren London in the image.

Ice Spice's High School Picture

Ice Spice is likened to Lauren London after her high school photo surfaces online.

"Lauren London?" one person pointed out the similarities between Ice Spice and the "Entourage" alum. Another similarly opined, "She looks like Lauren london lowkey." A third thinks that Ice Spice could land an acting role with her resemblance to the actress, writing, "Ok I can see Ice Spice being in a movie with Lauren London playing as her sister."

Some others, meanwhile, praised Ice Spice for her natural beauty. "So she's been beautiful her whole life? Some women have all the luck," one person wrote on Twitter. Another user noted, "Oh wow she's so pretty from birth." Another gushed, "Okay, she always been hot. Nice to see it," while someone else raved, "OMGGGGGGG PRETTY AF."

Previously, Ice Spice's pre-fame photo, which was reportedly taken back in the star's college days, when she played Volleyball at SUNY-Purchase, had also emerged. It showed her looking different without red wig.

The "Munch (Feelin' U)" femcee, whose real name is Isis Gaston, wasn't also as curvaceous as she is now. The drill rapper, who has been accused of getting Brazilian butt lift surgery, appears to have slimmed down a lot now as her face looked rounder in the old photo.

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