Evan Rachel Wood and Josh Gad to Team Up in Murder-Mystery Film 'The Adults'

The 'Westworld' actress and '1600 Penn' actor are set to share screen, playing a sister and brother respectively in an upcoming murder-mystery movie called 'The Adults'.

AceShowbiz - Evan Rachel Wood, Josh Gad, and Anthony Carrigan have been tapped in "The Adults". The trio have joined the murder-mystery flick from director Alex Winter, which is set to open sales at the upcoming European Film Market in Berlin.

The film revolves around a sister and brother, Megan (Wood) and Nathan (Gad), who are barely hanging on in modern-day America when their lives are turned upside down when they discover a dead body buried in their parent's basement. The pair are subsequently led down a rabbit hole of crime and murder.

In a statement, Winter said, "I'm thrilled to be working with Evan, Josh and Anthony on this darkly comic crime drama, which takes a sly look at the challenges we all face today, trying to survive in the modern world."

"The Adults" is being produced by Winter, Scott Kroopf and Russell Hollander with Connie Tavel set to executive produce.

Evan has previously described acting as "therapeutic" as jumping into a film role helps to calm her battle with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), a neurological condition that can cause difficulties with focus.

The 35-year-old star said, "I guess this goes for acting and singing, but I have ADD, so I'm always multitasking, and thinking about a million things at once. And I talk really fast, and I'm jumping around from topic to topic."

"When I'm acting, I'm not thinking about anything. It is, like, the thing that makes me stop thinking. And it is the time where I am the most present. Maybe not the most present, because obviously I'm playing different characters - but the time where it all fades away. And I think I can be very socially awkward at times."

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