Sylvester Stallone Biopic to Explore the Making of 'Rocky' With Oscar-Winning Helmer Peter Farrelly
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'I Play Rocky' will follow the legendary tale of Sylvester Stallone's audacious gamble on himself and his script under the direction of award-winning filmmaker Peter Farrelly.

AceShowbiz - In an industry awash with underdog stories, few resonate as powerfully as Sylvester Stallone's own life journey, immortalized through his creation of "Rocky", a character that not only defined his career but also became a symbol of perseverance and self-belief. Now, Academy Award-winning director Peter Farrelly, celebrated for his work on "Green Book", is poised to bring this captivating narrative to the big screen with "I Play Rocky".

The upcoming film delves into the heart of Stallone's struggle as a little-known actor with big dreams and a story he refused to relinquish. Faced with a golden opportunity to sell his script for a life-altering sum, Stallone chose the path less traveled, insisting that he, despite his partially paralyzed face and speech impediment, be the lead.

Named "I Play Rocky", this bio-picture aims to encapsulate the essence of an artist unwavering in his convictions, a theme that resonates deeply within the fabric of Hollywood's own mythology.

Under the auspices of Warner Brothers and with Peter Gamble penning the script, the project is a collaborative effort backed by Toby Emmerich, Christian Baha, and a trio of production companies: Baha Productions, Fireside Films, and Eden Rock Media.

Farrelly, who is producing the film alongside Emmerich and Baha, is embarking on a global search for the new face to portray the Stallone-inspired protagonist, mirroring the unknown status of Stallone before "Rocky" catapulted him to stardom.

The real-life narrative of "Rocky" ranks as one of Hollywood's most enchanting success stories, not just for its on-screen triumph but for the off-screen heroics of Stallone, who with "a handful of dollars left" in his bank, bet everything on himself.

This ethos of self-faith and determination aligns with the vision Farrelly and his team share for "I Play Rocky", promising a film that not only celebrates Stallone's audacious bet on himself but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere.

With casting currently underway and international sales openings at Cannes on the horizon, "I Play Rocky" is braced to become a beacon of inspiration. It's a testimony to the indomitable spirit of following one's dreams against all odds, aiming to resonate with not only fans of the "Rocky" franchise but also anyone who cherishes the relentless pursuit of their passions.

As "I Play Rocky" progresses, the film is not just a recounting of Stallone's saga but also an emblematic story of Hollywood's ability to dream big, reflecting the enduring allure of the cinematic world where every dreamer gets their day in the spotlight.

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