Damson Idris Reminded His 'Free Trial' Will Be Up Soon as Lori Harvey Pampers Him

While the 'Snowfall' actor gives an intimate look at their sweet romance, social media users troll him as they predict that his relationship with the model will not last long.

AceShowbiz - Damson Idris is still madly in love with Lori Harvey, but people keep reminding him not to get too immersed in the euphoria. The actor has been trolled by social media users after he gave a look at his sweet relationship with his girlfriend.

On Friday, February 3, Damson took to his Instagram Story to share a video of his pampering session with Lori. In the clip, the social media personality was seen putting a mask on her beau's face. She's gently pressing the mask to stick on his face.

Damson, who filmed it, then turned the camera to show Lori wearing the same mask. He jokingly shrieked in fear to mock her appearance, but quickly turned it off after she told him to stop filming.

The video has been removed from Damson's page, but not before it was reposted on The Shade Room's Instagram account. Instead of being jealous of the couple's affectionate display, people mocked Damson for flaunting what they predicted will be a short-lived romance.

"Good to see him enjoying his free trial," one person sarcastically wrote in the comments section. Another claimed, "As soon as his skin clear she gone be on to the next. I figured it out. She heal them then give them back to the universe. Every superhero don't wear a cape."

A third also envisioned the ugly end of the pair's relationship, "Face mask? How cute. Awwww she's gonna break my boys heart so bad. Franklin is in too deep." Another warned Damson, "You got 10 Months left, count your days 'Franklin'," referring to his character's name on "Snowfall".

Someone predicted a shorter span of the relationship, commenting, "2-3 month from now bro gone be replaced." One other similarly guessed, "He gotta about 90 business days left."

However, there were still a few who admired Damson and Lori's love for each other, with one gushing, "This is real love. Black love."

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