Topless Sam Smith Poses With Heart Nipple Covers Amid Backlash Over 'Hyper-Sexualized' New MV

The 30-year-old singer, who identifies themselves as non-binary, faces backlash over the racy visual for their brand new song 'I'm Not Here to Make Friends'.

AceShowbiz - Sam Smith apparently doesn't really care much about the buzz on the Internet. The singer, who identifies themselves as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them, proudly poses with heart nipple covers amid backlash over a music video for their new track "I'm Not Here to Make Friends".

On Tuesday, January 31, the 30-year-old musician turned to their Instagram page to share photos of them topless. They could be seen proudly posing in high-waisted black trousers, a pair of black shimmering heart nipple covers and pearl jewelry.

Sam simply captioned the photo with a black heart emoji. Michelle Visage was among those to comment on the pictures. The singer and the "RuPaul's Drag Race" star simply wrote, "I love you."

The shirtless post came after Sam landed in hot water over the music video for their new song "I'm Not Here to Make Friends". The visual sees them arriving at a stately home in a helicopter before dancing in a variety of flamboyant outfits alongside a group of backing dancers. At one point, a fountain of water is seen being sprayed into their mouth.

The dancers are also filmed slowly thrusting on a bed wearing only black leather underwear before surrounding Sam as they dance provocatively. Some online critics labeled the scenes "hyper-sexualized."

Fortunately, fans quickly defended the "Unholy" hitmaker, pointing out how similarly risque videos have been released by global artists such as Madonna's "Like a Prayer", Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and Queen's "I Want to Break Free".

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Sam admitted it had been a long journey to accept themselves enough to pose shirtless for the cover of their latest album, "Gloria". "Within my industry there is definitely that question of, 'What should a pop star look like?' " they explained, admitting they never fit the "norm."

Sam also explained that a change began happening with their self-image after their 2018 "Thrill of It All" tour. "When I was 25, I came off tour exhausted. I looked to role models in the body world. Every time I went to the pool, I felt self-conscious, but I forced myself to take my top off," they recalled. "It paid off because I now have the opposite of body dysmorphia. I look fabulous. I'm finally getting a tan. I'm burnt in places I've never been burnt."

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