Drew Barrymore Slams Razzie Awards for Bullying Kids Following Ryan Kiera Armstrong's Nomination

The 'Drew Barrymore Show' host says her 'blood boil' when finding out a 12-year-old actress gets nominated for Worst Actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards.

AceShowbiz - Former child star Drew Barrymore was angry by Ryan Kiera Armstrong's Worst Actress nod at the Golden Raspberry Awards. The 12 year old was nominated for Worst Actress for her role in "Firestarter" at the annual Razzies - which give tongue-in-cheek recognition to the worst of the film industry over the last year - but bosses later apologised to the child star and removed Ryan's name from their list and now Drew - who played the same role as Ryan in the 1984 version of the film - has insisted the show should never have targeted kids.

"Well, this makes my blood boil ... It's an awards show that started in 1980 as a spoof award show, kind of like the Oscars but the insulting version. And listen, I get poking fun at ourselves, I mean come on fair game bring it on, but Ryan is 12 years old," she said on "The Drew Barrymore Show".

Drew went on to say, "Apparently they've actually nominated a few children before but they didn't get caught and this time they did. The truth is, in 1980 an industry insider small awards ceremony without the power of social media was like a, 'Bring it on we can all handle it [kind of thing']."

"But now it's sort of like another way to publicly allow others to shame them and ridicule them with platforms that maybe they couldn't have anticipated back in the day. But now they know."

Drew concluded by sending a message to Razzies bosses, saying, "So I would just say to them, 'Please don't do this to people who are younger. That's not nice.' And I really like Ryan, and as 'Firestarter'! Don't do this again."

After Ryan's nomination was announced, Razzie bosses faced a fierce backlash from critics and later withdrew her from the shortlist, which also featured Bryce Dallas Howard ("Jurassic World: Dominion"), Diane Keaton ("Mack + Rita"), Kaya Scodelario ("The King's Daughter"), and Alicia Silverstone ("The Requin").

Razzies co-founder John Wilson also confirmed they would be changing the voting rules to ensure no one under the age of 18 can be nominated in future. He said, "The recent valid criticism of the choice of 11-year-old Armstrong as a nominee for one of our awards brought our attention to how insensitive we've been in this instance."

"As a result, we have removed Armstrong's name from the Final Ballot that our members will cast next month. We also believe a public apology is owed Ms. Armstrong, and wish to say we regret any hurt she experienced as a result of our choices."

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