Drew Barrymore Takes a Subtle Jab at Those Apologizing After Mocking Kate Middleton
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The actress/TV host's comments come after Stephen Colbert and Blake Lively expressed remorse for making insensitive remarks about Kate amid wild conspiracy theories.

AceShowbiz - Drew Barrymore has weighed in on people who are backtracking after ridiculing Kate Middleton before the royal revealed her cancer diagnosis. In a new interview, Drew claimed that people need to be patient.

In a video obtained by TMZ, a photographer asked, "Should comedians or people who are making jokes about Kate Middleton, should they apologize? I know Stephen Colbert was like, you know, taking it back a little bit." In response to the question, the actress/TV host said, "We all need to be patient with each other."

Drew's comments came after Stephen expressed remorse for making insensitive remarks about Kate on his talk show "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert". "We do a lot of shows, and I tell a lot of jokes, and I tell jokes about a lot of different things - mostly what everybody's talking about," Stephen said. "And for the last six weeks to two months, everybody has been talking about the mystery of Kate Middleton's disappearance from public life."

He continued, "A lot of my jokes have upset people in the past, and I'm sure some of my jokes will upset people in the future. But there's a standard that I try to hold myself to, and that is I do not make light of somebody else's tragedy."

"But regardless of what it is, I know, and I'm sure many of you, far too many of us know, that any cancer diagnosis of any kind is harrowing for the patient and for their family. And though I'm sure they don't need it from me, I and everyone here at 'The Late Show' would like to extend our well wishes and heartfelt hope that her recovery is swift and thorough," he continued.

Blake Lively also apologized for mocking the Princess of Wales. "I'm sure no one cares today but I feel like I have to acknowledge this," the "Gossip Girl" alum, who poked fun at Kate's Photoshop gaffe in a promo photo, wrote on Instagram Story. "I made a silly post around the 'photoshop fails' frenzy, and oh man, that post has me mortified today. I'm sorry. Sending love and well wishes to all, always."

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