Drake's Fan Seen Falling From Balcony on His Second Apollo Theater Show

The 'Hotline Bling' rapper is forced to pause the concert to check the condition of the man, who drops from the second floor into the crowd below, before he resumes his performance with 21 Savage.

AceShowbiz - Drake's second day of show at Apollo Theater was almost marred by an unexpected incident. The Sunday, January 22 concert was briefly put on a halt after a fan fell from the balcony of the legendary Harlem value into the crowd below.

According to reports, about an hour and half into the show, Drake welcomed 21 Savage to the stage for a series of duets. But before the duo could start, a man's body suddenly dropped from the second floor into the middle of the orchestra pit, which was captured in a video taken by a fellow concertgoer.

While Drizzy initially seemingly was unaware of the fan's accident, he did pause the show. A crew member was seen rushing forward and speaking to the two performers. "Just gotta make sure somebody's OK," Drake told the audience to make sure they waited patiently.

Drake reportedly left the stage for about 15 minutes while the venue's lights were turned on and security guards could be seen running through the crowd toward the spot where the man landed. His fall also dislodged a light fixture, which was subsequently removed. Cords hanging over the side of the balcony were secured by a crew member.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. "Everybody is absolutely OK," a man said over the loudspeaker. "They are being checked on. Nobody's hurt. But I got even better news for you: We're at the Apollo so the show must go on."

A separate video shows a man, presumably the one falling from the balcony, walking on his own foot with the help of a security guard to leave the venue, while others gave a way to him.

Drake and 21 Savage then returned to the stage to perform songs from their 2022 joint album "Her Loss". "Let's just make some noise that everybody's OK," Drake said in between tracks, adding, "I feel like they had to wait like 10 minutes, we should go up a little more."

Before wrapping up the show, the 36-year-old also thanked his fans for their high energy throughout the night. "This crowd is an absolute 10 out of 10. I'm so happy with tonight. We apologize for the delays and all that s**t, but thank you," he said, calling it "an evening of gratitude."

He continued, "It's nights like these that let me know I have the greatest job in the world and I feel like you, again, give me the confidence to know after all these years, after all the nos that we've heard, after all the doors that slammed in our face, it's this exact group right here that lets me know that I'm exactly where I need to f**king be."

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