Chloe Bailey Hits Back at Haters Criticizing Her Vocal Technique: 'I'm a Trained Singer'
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After a video of the 'Ungodly Hour' artist singing a rendition of 'Feeling Good' at Adam Blackstone's legacy album party makes rounds on the Internet, some users think that she tries too hard.

AceShowbiz - Chloe Bailey is not going to let anyone doubt her singing skill. After a video of her singing a rendition of "Feeling Good" at Adam Blackstone's legacy album party made rounds on the Internet, some users thought that she tried too hard.

"Everything she does just seems so forced. Nothing looks or sounds natural," one person commented underneath The Neighborhood Talk's post. "GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO IT. Na maybe she's just having a bad day though she is very talented," another user said.

Another user wrote, "Girl just sing the damn song .. she be dragging it." One person, meanwhile, claimed that "she starting to work my nerves now."

One other also wasn't feeling her version, saying, "i UNDERSTAND SHE TRYING TO FIND HERSELF MUSICALLY BUT THIS RITE HER…A EASY 'F**K NO'." Echoing the sentiment, someone else questioned, "Why does she this extra stuff. Like you can sing without it."

The Chloe x Halle singer quickly caught wind of the criticism. Defending herself, she wrote in a comment, "thanks for posting! …i'm a trained singer and musician. i am 'flipping' my vocal chords, and i like to change dynamics with the intensity of my vibrato."

The "Grown-ish" actress continued, "just because someone doesn't prefer the way someone sings, it doesn't mean they lack in talent or technique. God bless."

Fans showed support to the singer following her clapback. "One thing that girl can do is MF SANG! You may not like her styling - or u may feel way about her sex appeal but one thing I'm not gonna ever listen to, is a mf saying sis can't sing! IJS," one of them said. "If you're a day one from their YouTube days, you'll know the Bailey sisters are pure talent," one other added.

Still, some others blasted Chloe for her style. "NOBODY SAID SHES NOT TALENTED!!! THIS COVER JUST SUCKED! U can't change or play with your 'sound' IF u still haven't really presented it to us! Master your own sound first!" a naysayer noted. Another critic said, "Don't do it again. It don't sound good LOL."

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