Shanna Moakler Faces Backlash After Revealing 'Fitness Goal' to Lose 30 Lbs

Earlier this year, her ex-husband Travis Barker's now-wife Kourtney Kardashian revealed that she gained some weight due to her IVF treatment but she loves her 'thicker body.'

AceShowbiz - Shanna Moakler's latest social media post received bitter reactions from the Internet. The former wife of Travis Barker is facing backlash after she revealed that she's on her way to losing 30 lbs.

On Monday, December 12, the former Miss USA runner-up opened up that she has lost 20 lbs on her new fitness plan. Along with an Instagram photo of her posing in bright yellow semi-sheer lingerie in her bathroom, the mother of two added in the caption that she has 10 lbs more to go, writing, "Down 20! 10 more to go to hit my fitness goal!"

Upon learning of her plan to lose 30 lbs, some social media critics dubbed her "desperate" to follow beauty standards. One person wrote, "So very desperate," before sarcastically adding, "Thank you lord for giving me a mom that did not ever do this."

Others, meanwhile, alleged that she didn't do workout, instead, she underwent liposuction. "She definately [sic] had liposuction. I have worked out like crazy the past six months and have better definition than she does," the said person suggested. A second simply said, "Looks like just had lipo."

"She does not need to lose weight, she looks better than KK [Kourtney Kardashian, Travis' wife]. I wish women would stop promoting unhealthy weights," another chimed in. Someone else added, "He's not coming back to you honey, but good for you."

In 2020, Shanna, who was wed to Travis between 2004 and 2008, told Entertainment Tonight that she always worked to stay at 125 lbs. "When I was put on the hormone testosterone, it made me gain 40 pounds," she shared. "I was almost 170, which is very heavy for me. I was always 125 my whole life. Today I am 135! I do not expect to be what I once weighed in my '20s or even '30s for that matter, but I would like to feel healthy and strong for my age."

While Shanna keeps losing some pounds, Travis' wife Kourtney claimed in March that her attempts to conceive a baby via IVF put her into "menopause," while also causing weight gain that saw her flooded with "rude" comments from social media users pointing out her changing body shape.

Then in the October 6 episode of "The Kardashians", Kourtney declared that she loves her "thicker body." The daughter of Kris Jenner said, "Eight months of IVF treatment has definitely taken a toll on my body, mentally and physically. I think it's taken a lot to get me to the place of feeling really comfortable and happy with the changes. Everyone always comments on every photo that I'm pregnant, and obviously we wish that was the case, but if it's in God's plan … then it is."

The raven-haired beauty further shared that Travis always compliments her look though she gained some weight. "He's always complimenting me no matter what and it has just helped me to really embrace the changes, actually to the point where I love the changes now," she explained.

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