Fans Label Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband and Son Real 'Scum' Amid Her Financial Troubles
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Recently, it's unveiled that the former TV host's ex Kevin Hunter Sr. filed a petition to resume his alimony payments and that her son Kevin Hunter Jr. was evicted from his $2 million apartment in Miami.

AceShowbiz - Fans are convinced that Wendy Williams is the one being taken advantage of by her ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. and son Kevin Hunter Jr. Many believe that they're actually "stealing" from the former "The Wendy Williams Show" host.

On Thursday, December 8, one person said via blog that they can't believe "Wendy Williams is the type of celebrity or mother to buy her son a $2 million apartment, knowing that he just started college."

The said person, who believed that Wells Fargo was really trying to help the former daytime TV queen by taking control of her finances, added, "Her then-manager teamed up with her financial planner at Wells Fargo to prevent someone (Wendy's son) from having access to her money." They further noted that "Kevin and Kevin Jr were the ones that twisted the stories to the media and made it seem as though the bank was trying to steal from Wendy. They're the real scum."

Responding to the theory, another Internet user commented, "As frugal as Wendy claimed to be, I was surprised by how expensive that apartment cost." Someone else agreed, writing, "Exactly! If you have been following Wendy Williams since the WBLS days, when she was on radio, then you know she's not with spending money on useless s**t. She's never been that way."

A separate user pointed out, "Right! I think that he and Kelvin Sr saw that as an opportunity to bond with her, and eventually get her to trust him. I don't think that if Wendy Williams was lucid, she would have given her son control over her finances; knowing that they don't have the best relationship to begin with."

One person chimed in, "Yeah, I was did this even HAPPEN? Like, what the F**K? Her husband and son are SCUM. It's so pathetic and the situation is CRAZY." Someone suggested, "It happened bc she chose Kevin as a mate. This man raised your son. You get a replica."

Another opined that as soon as Kevin Sr. had a baby outside of his marriage with Wendy, Wendy "just became a degenerative." The anonymous person continued, "However, that doesn't give Kelvin Jr the right to take advantage of his mother's finances and steal from her."

In fact, Wendy's assets are being controlled by a guardianship expert and attorney. The Sun recently identified Wendy's permanent financial guardian as Sabrina Morrissey, whose expertise in "estate administration, guardianships and litigation." Sabrina became her permanent financial guardian in May.

Recently, court documents revealed that Wendy's ex-husband Kevin Sr., petitioned a judge in their divorce case to order the guardian to resume his alimony payments that ceased in February. Additionally, her son Kevin Jr. alluded to the guardian's tight control on Wendy's money when he was evicted from his luxury apartment in September after his mother's bank accounts were frozen in February, leaving him unable to keep up with his steep $6,800 monthly rent.

Explaining the messy situation, Wendy's publicist Shawn Zanotti confirmed that Kevin Jr. being evicted from his apartment has "nothing to do" with her client "losing her fortune." Shawn further highlighted that Wendy is currently under conservatorship and cannot release funds without getting approval.

"Wendy's hands are tied and there is really nothing she can do right now. It's a process that tends to go beyond the deadline of certain invoices. She, honestly, can't do anything about that," Shawn went on noting. "It's really sad how some outlets take headlines and misconstrue information just to get clicks and likes."

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