Ashton Kutcher Admits He Considered Suicide to Give His Twin Michael a New Heart

The 'No Strings Attached' actor makes the honest confession about considering taking his own life in a new Paramount+ docuseries 'The Checkup with Dr. David Agus'.

AceShowbiz - Ashton Kutcher loves his twin brother so much that he would do anything for him. In a new Paramount+ docuseries "The Checkup with Dr. David Agus", the "No Strings Attached" actor admitted that he considered suicide to give Michael a new heart.

"I'm thinking to myself, 'If anyone's a match, I'm a match,' " the 44-year-old recalled. "So now, you start running that cycle through your head. You're like, 'This balcony looks far enough to take things.' "

"I think standing on the balcony going, 'I'm a match', that moment is probably the exact moment the shift took place," the husband of [Mila Kunis] continued recounting. "Where I'm like, 'How do I get to be this lucky, and my brother to be born with cerebral palsy, then have a heart transplant?' "

Michael, who fortunately found a donor, claimed that the incident made him really appreciate his family. "You just realize that the fighting that we do as siblings, and the arguing with the parents and 13-year-old behavior just isn't what it's about," he shared. "I'll never forget seeing him and my sister. You don't see a lot of 13-year-olds tell their siblings that they love them. But to me, it was the most important thing that I could do."

As for Ashton, he has had his own health issue. Noting that he had vasculitis, he said, "I woke up one day and was having vision issues [and] could hardly see," the Iowa native said.

"[It] knocked out my hearing, which threw off my equilibrium, my balance and I couldn't walk. I had vasculitis, that you're very well aware of," the former model further elaborated. "There's a standard you become accustomed to in your life, like, being able to see clearly. And then suddenly, you can't see."

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