LaTocha Scott's Husband's Alleged Mistress Claims She's 'Manipulated' Into Posting She Was Hacked

Unykue Foucha, who accused Rocky Bivens of having an affair with her but then retracted her statement, now says that their relationship is real but was 'misled' by him the whole time.

AceShowbiz - LaTocha Scott's husband isn't cleared of cheating allegations against him just yet. The woman, who accused Rocky Bivens of having an affair with her, has retracted her own denial and claimed that their relationship is real.

On Saturday, December 3, Unykue Foucha posted a video on her Instagram page in which she basically went back to her initial claims. "Good morning, y'all," she started in the clip, before addressing the backlash against her. "I'm not mad. I can't get mad 'cuz y'all don't know me," she said.

The IG model then blasted Rocky, claiming, "I was misled in the entire relationship and it hurts. It hurts." She added, "I ain't asking for y'all to sympathize. This is me. This for real. So I just want to apologize to my family and his family. But I was misled in all of this."

In the caption, she reiterated her statement while adding that she was "manipulated" into posting that she was hacked. "Good Morning! I just wanna say I was mislead. I was told WE was going to be together. He told me he was married but NOT IN THE MARRIAGE. That they were not actually together and his plan was to leave her," so she claimed.

Of her post in which she denied posting her initial claims, she said, "I was manipulated into dropping that last post about 'My page being hack' I'm guessing for his own selfish reasons. I apologize to my family and his family for all the confusion. And THAT'S THE TRUTH!!"

To back up her claims, Unykue shared a screenshot of her alleged text message with Rocky in which he appeared to have prepared a draft of statement that she eventually posted to retract her initial claims about their relationship.

After receiving backlash for going back and forth about her claims about their alleged affair, Unykue shared more screenshots of their supposed text messages. In one conversation, Rocky promised her, "I will be ok because we are in it to win it but just know you mean more to me than what I have show. Please don't read this wrong or be sad just know that in the long run we will be happy and we are always forever connected because of our child. Love you forever."

She also shared a picture of her baby bump. "Y'all Really Got Me F* Up‼ I was mislead I said what I said," she clapped back at the criticism in the caption.

Unykue initially exposed Rocky's alleged affair with her in late November. "The most f**ked up thing the universe can do to you is let you meet the right person at the wrong time," she wrote at the time, "I'm just tired of living a lie all these years and ready to live in my truth freely and in peace unapologetically."

"Me and Rocky had our own situation. I know this may be shocking news but this was a very complicated relationship that I couldn't speak on for obvious reasons," she added. Insinuating that she's pregnant with Rocky's child, she shared a sonogram picture of her apparent unborn child. "Timeless Love Bivens," she captioned it.

Several days later, Unykue denied that she was the one who posted the claims about Rocky's supposed infidelity. She claimed that she was hacked and isn't pregnant as previously reported. "MY PAGE WAS HACKED!!" she wrote in the since-deleted post. "I am NOT pregnant! Nor am I having an affair with anyone. The Fact that a fake sonogram was made with no information on it is crazy. I would never EVER knowingly date a married man!!! That is NOT my character."

"It's insane that a simple pic at an event turned into a nightmare," so she claimed. "I feel for everyone involved because I actually love Xscape."

Neither Rocky nor LaTocha has responded to Unykue's claims.

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