SZA Reveals Her New Album Is 'a Little Angry'

The musician who is gearing up to release a new record called 'S.O.S' teases the theme of her upcoming LP which arrives roughly five years after her previous album.

AceShowbiz - SZA is "following [her] heart." Claiming that her style emulates "deep Brooklyn normcore," the 33-year-old singer insists she won't compromise her own tastes in order to satisfy her critics.

"In general [it's about] not doing what people tell you to do and just following your heart, even if it feels wrong in terms of disappointing people or making alternative decisions," shared the music star - whose real name is Solana Rowe.

The "Good Days" hitmaker has recently collaborated with Crocs, the American footwear company, and SZA admits that her approach to fashion is focused on comfort. She told PEOPLE, "It's my main vibe." SZA explained that she wears her Crocs "at all times and anywhere." She added, "Crocs is super-versatile. I can be comfortable and be cute at the same time."

SZA is now looking forward to 2023, and the chart-topping star admits that she's excited to embrace a "new start in every way." SZA has also teased details of her long-awaited new album, "S.O.S".

The singer - who released her last album "Ctrl" in 2017 - said, "It's my first album in five years, so I'm ready to be a different person and step into this new part of my life. Really exemplify who this character is and get to know myself better while everyone else gets to know me live at the same time."

SZA also admits that her new album is "a little angry" in places. She explained, "The sound is a little bit of literally everything. It's a little angry as an overview, but some of it is really beautiful and soft and heartfelt. It's about heartbreak, it's about being lost, it's about being p*****."

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