The 1975 Vocalist Matty Healy Defended by Fan After 'Creepy' Onstage Kiss

The frontman of the English pop rock band's impromptu stage act comes less than a month after he performed another bizarre stunt on stage, touching himself seductively while eating raw meat.

AceShowbiz - Matty Healy definitely can rely on The 1975 fans for unconditional support. The vocalist of the English pop rock band was defended by a fan after his onstage kiss was labeled "creepy."

Making use of her Twitter account on Sunday, November 27, a girl named Isabella, who was kissed onstage, rushed to the frontman's defense, insisting he asked her before the kiss occurred. "On a real note I do want to state some facts before we get any farther, I had this on my phone because he mentioned at some point, 'I can only make out with you,' " she wrote.

"So I did this, he saw it and brought me up, HE ASKED before he kissed me! Also I'm a grown age of 24," Isabella further explained. She also added a screenshot of the text she allegedly showed to Matty. "So we making out?" it read.

Matty did the impromptu stage act while he and his band performed their hit "Robbers" at The Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas on Friday, November 25. In footage captured on social media, Matty and Isabella embraced kissing briefly, before the woman was pulled away by security.

The incident prompted a big reaction on social media, in which some labeled the actions of the singer "creepy." One person tweeted, "This is honestly creepy behavior to me. The security guy clearly knows what's up and got her out of there. Matt looks like he pre-gamed a bit much." Another remarked, "probably an unpopular opinion but matty healy gives me the baddest vibes, like all these videos of him kissing fans on stage is just creepy af."

"i saw that the girl gave consent or whatever but i find it so weird?? creepy behaviour," a third chimed in. Someone else echoed a similar statement, "literally, it's just so odd to me, like i've seen so many tiktok's of him doing it before this time as well and i just find it bizarre."

Earlier this month, Matty also raised eyebrows after his bizarre stunt when performing with his band in New York City's Madison Square Garden. Matty paused at one point in the performance to munch on a slab of raw steak live while seductively touching himself.

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