Christina Milian Leaves Fans Disgusted as She Uses Bare Hands to Mix Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese

The 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' star is being criticized on social media after she's seen mixing ingredients for baked mac and cheese with untied hair and without any kitchen utensils.

AceShowbiz - Christina Milian's cooking method has drawn a lot of criticism on social media. The "Resort to Love" actress is facing backlash online after she's caught working on a dish without any kitchen utensils.

The 41-year-old actress went TikTok Live on Thursday, November 24 to show her fans a glimpse of her activities on the turkey-centric holiday. At one moment, she was seen mixing macaroni and cheese with bare hands. "Oh my God, there's so much pasta," she whispered while mixing the ingredients in a big bowl.

Christina then took a piece of butter, with her bare hands, before putting it into the mixture. "Let's add a big chunk of butter," the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" star, who let her curly hair loose, told the viewers. Interestingly, she was aware that the uncooked ingredients looked "gross" but she kept mixing them without kitchen utensils. She then said, "Oh, well, don't be grossed out," before assuring her fans that "it's gonna be amazing."

In the comments section during the live section, one TikTok user asked, "F the hands??? why don't u wear gloves or something???" Another remarked, "Girl srsly??? U JUST TOUCHED UR HAIR OMG." A third commented, "Oh I'm getting mad. THOSE HANDSSSS ARE NOT CLEAN. Is a spoon not available or??" Someone else chimed in, "Did she break the butter with her hands…."

Despite the bitter comments, Christina took to her TikTok feeds to upload a video of her finishedbaked mac and cheese that looked appealing. "Say hello to my Mac n Cheese!" she wrote over the clip. In the caption, she added, "Happy Thanksgiving! If you watched my LIVE and wanted to see the results.. here it is!"

In addition Christina, another celebrity who caught mixing mac and cheese ingredients with her bare hands was Chrisean Rock. The on-and-off girlfriend of Blueface was seen preparing the meal without any spoon or spatula in some videos that have gone viral on social media.

"Making homemade mac from stretch, Rock way," a man was heard hyping her up behind the camera, before she poured cream on it. "Cheff Rock," a person who posted the video captioned it, adding, "Mac n Cheese da Rock wayy!!!"

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