Chrisean Rock's Reckless Cooking of Thanksgiving Meals Disgusts Fans

The on-and-off girlfriend of Blueface is filmed in the kitchen using her bare hands to mix mac and cheese, and stirring soup with the handle of the spoon ahead of Thanksgiving dinner.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock is clearly not the best chef anyone can rely on. The raptress has taken social media users aback as she took her fans behind-the-scenes of her preparation for Thanksgiving dinner.

In some videos which have gone viral, the on-and-off girlfriend of Blueface was seen in the kitchen preparing homemade meals for the family feast. When preparing baked mac and cheese, she used her bare hands to mix everything together, spilling a bunch of them out of the baking pan.

"Making homemade mac from stretch, Rock way," a man was heard hyping her up behind the camera, before she poured cream on it. "Cheff Rock," a person who posted the video captioned it, adding, "Mac n Cheese da Rock wayy!!!"

Another video showed her making what looks like soup. She carelessly threw some ingredients into a pot and stirred it with the handle of the spoon instead of using the spoon properly.

Needless to say, people lost their appetite after watching those videos. "Ewww," one disgusted fan exclaimed. Another begged, "get her out the kitchen wtf." A third mocked Chrisean as saying, "She cook how she talk."

"That food would be perfect with a side of trash can," another quipped, while someone else blasted the reality TV star, "Absolutely chaotic cooking, her energy is just so childish. Not to mention this is very unsanitary."

"Everybody stomach going to hurt," one other critic remarked, while someone else was baffled by Chrisean's cooking skills as commenting, "Stirring those potatoes with the handle of the spoon is wild."

It's not clear whether Chrisean is spending the Thanksgiving holiday with Blueface or not, but the "Thotiana" rapper was not seen in both videos mentioned above. She has been staying by his side amid his recent arrest for attempted murder charge.

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