Harry Styles' Relationship With Olivia Wilde Reportedly Isn't 'Over' Yet
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News of the 'As It Was' crooner and the 'Don't Worry Darling' director's breakup comes shortly after the latter brought her kids, Daisy and Otis, to his 'Love on Tour' stop in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde may haven't called it quits at all. If a new report is to be believed, the "As It Was" crooner and the "Don't Worry Darling" director's relationship isn't really "over."

HollywoodLife.com reported on Wednesday, November 23 that "Harry will not say that they have broken up…just that they are taking a break and putting their relationship on pause." A source spilled to the outlet, "No one thinks that they will resume the relationship after his tour, but Harry says that he does not know what the future holds."

News of Harry and Olivia's split came shortly after Olivia brought her kids, Daisy, 6, and Otis, 8, to his "Love on Tour" stop in Los Angeles. As fans wonder why Olivia and Harry went their separate ways after she and her kids showed support to him, a source told the outlet that the decision to put their love on pause was made prior to the Tuesday, November 15 show.

"Bringing her kids to see his performance was not strange to them because their kids adore Harry, and he wanted them there," the insider explained. "When Olivia brought the kids to his concert, they had already discussed their plans with each other."

The source went on saying, "They have been talking about it for some time. But he will not say it is over and neither will she. Nothing changed from when she brought the kids to the concert to when it became known to the public." The informant further noted that "the kids love Harry and Harry loves them."

The so-called insider also said that his hectic show schedule was a major reason that he and Olivia decided to take a break. "Harry is getting ready to embark on a world tour and Olivia has obligations to be in Los Angeles and London for work," the source shared.

"Her kids are her main priority, and they are not at the age where Olivia can go on a world tour with Harry. They need their mom, and she always puts them first no matter what. It was not a bad breakup and neither one of them pulled the plug," added the insider. "They just decided that, at this time, their lives are drawing them apart and they need to do what is best for them and their career."

In other news, it is said that Olivia is "disappointed" as Harry allegedly didn't fight for their relationship. "The break has been difficult for Olivia. They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all. She is disappointed. It's just a tricky situation, though," a source told PEOPLE.

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