'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever': The Avengers' Absence in Pivotal Scene Questioned
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Charlamagne Tha God raises the issue that prompts comments from Kenya Barris and The Game, while other fans complains about an alleged 'plot hole' in the sequel.

AceShowbiz - Another issue has been raised about how "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" sends off T'Challa. While the Avenger crossover is not something unusual in Marvel Cinematic Universe, the lack of other superheroes' presence to pay final respect to Chadwick Boseman's character has sparked a complaint.

One of the persons who raised the issue was Charlamagne Tha God. "None of the Avengers came of T'Challa's funeral...," he posted on Instagram, more than two weeks after the film was released in theaters.

"It's been a couple of weeks, can we discuss this yet?" he added in the caption, pointing out how T'Challa's funeral is in stark contrast to Tony Stark/Iron Man's funeral. "Every hero in the history of the MCU was at Tony Starks funeral, why weren't they at T'Challa's? Is it a tradition in Wakanda to not have outsiders at the funeral? If it's too soon to talk about any of this let me know, if not Let's Discuss..."

Charlamagne's post prompted a comment from "Black-ish" creator Kenya Barris, who jokingly suggested, "Maybe their was another service at live Barclay's or something." The Game also weighed in on it, "How about the director BLACK & most of not all the cast is," though he still loves the movie as noting, "it's a DOPE franchise at this point… appreciate the film n move on…"

Some others think that Wakanda still does not easily welcome outsiders. "Wakanda was and is still isolationist, probably don't want any outsiders taking part. Plus the funeral is a celebration so they would be confused," one person argued. Another pointed out, "It's an African traditional transitioning service! It was for us….. no one else! Besides, the Queen was already pissed out the western world anyway……."

One other opined, "Honestly they might have wanted to just focus on the culture and the funeral not the avengers," while someone else echoed the sentiment, "I liked how it was focused on African culture and his death not the avengers taking away from his funeral."

Nevertheless, another person thinks it's an appropriate sendoff as saying, "I think similar to real life, it was a way to respect Chadwick's death. It was done the way it should have been done, and in fact, the memorialized him in the most tasteful way possible."

Meanwhile, other fans complained about another plot hole in "Wakanda Forever". They took issue with the fact that the film does not address the blip in "Avengers: Infinity War" that is only reversed five years later during the events of "Avengers: Endgame". Many questioned how the blip seems to have not affected the Wakandan life and why only now the Wakandans are struggling to fill the role of the Black Panther, when the country's protector had previously been dead for five years during the blip.

"Gaping plot hole in #WakandaForever," one person wrote. "T'Cholla [sic] was already 'dead' for the last five years. What was Wakanda doing in his absence before that? Probably his mother was ruling. Who was the Black Panther during that time? Did they have one? Seems like they'd want or need one."

"Why was this only resolved after T'Challa came back and then died?" the same critic continued. "Wouldn't the nation have already mourned his loss and come up with a means of succession? Seems like they just forgot the Marvel continuity and wrote this completely as if Wakanda exists outside of it."

"I need more then a quick mention of Thanos in Black Panther 2," another person wrote. "Who ran Wakanda during the blip? Did they have a funeral for T'Challa?" Someone else remarked, "We went through a film about mourning with T'Challa but nothing on how he literally died twice before."

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