Joe Rogan Criticizes Alex Pereira for Cutting Massive Amounts of Weight: It's 'Sanctioned Cheating'

In a new episode of his hit Spotify podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience', the UFC commentator discusses the new middleweight champion who lost 25 pounds to get into the lower divisions.

AceShowbiz - Joe Rogan discussed new middleweight champion Alex Pereira in a new episode of his "The Joe Rogan Experience". He criticized Alex a.k.a. Poatan who lost 25 pounds to get into the lower divisions.

Alex, who stepped into the cage to beat Israel Adesanya for the third time, weighed 95.6 kg or 211.4 pounds. That's 26.4 pounds more than the championship weight limit for middleweight.

In the new episode of the hit Spotify podcast, Steve-O asked Joe whether it was true that Poatan was really 220 pounds against Israel. "He could have been, yeah," the host replied.

The UFC commentator continued, "He certainly gets above that in-between fights. And he has a hard time making 185. It's a bulls**t thing. It's basically sanctioned cheating. It really is. But everybody does it."

"[Israel Adesanya] barely does it," he added. "When Izzy moved up to fight Jan Blachowicz at light heavyweight he weighed 194, which is crazy cuz Blachowicz is a giant light heavyweight. Blachowicz is big powerful guy."

Later in the episode, Joe said that Alex's big weight cut might be a hindrance for the boxer. "He's so big for the weightclass, which really wears you out, that weight cut," he reasoned. "It's a big weight cut. And with wrestling, he's gonna have issues. Because he's not a grappler, that's not his forte. And he's getting better at grappling, but when Izzy takes you to the ground and Izzy controls you, that's not his forte either."

Joe also talked about the controversial standing stoppage in the fifth round after Poatan hurt The Last Stylebender, the host shared that he's cool with it. "I don't think Pereira was going to stop," Joe explained. "He had more time, Izzy was stationary, and Pereira was gonna hit him with some big shots."

"We don't need to see Izzy with his eyes rolled back into his head, flat out unconscious. I think it was a good stoppage. I can see where he'd be upset about it to, and I can see where other fights have gone on longer, and they have. But it's a subjective call and [referee] Marc Goddard is one of the best in the world, he's top two or three," he continued.

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