Kodak Black Gets Into Spat With Woman for Refusing to Feed Her After Flying Her Out

A viral video shows a woman complaining to someone, who sounds like the 'No Flockin' ' rhymer, for not giving her 'proper' food after she traveled seven hours to meet him.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black may be bragging about one day winning over all the women he wants, but he apparently doesn't know how to treat them right. The Pompano Beach native has been caught fighting with a woman for refusing to feed her after flying her out.

In a video which went viral on Wednesday, November 9, the woman, seemingly a groupie, complained to Kodak about being hungry after traveling for seven hours to meet him. "I've been traveling for seven hours," she said in the clip.

According to Media Take Out, Kodak and the unidentified woman first met virtually before she agreed to meet him. He bought her a coach seat on a flight to Florida, but the flight was diverted multiple times because of Hurricane Ian. The flight which was supposed to take just a few hours took more than seven hours.

But instead of buying her a meal, Yak told the lady that he had some leftovers which were sitting out on his coffee table for 24 hours. "It's BBQ in there," the 25-year-old said in the video, to which the woman responded, "I'm not eating no f**king leftover barbeque from yesterday. That's not how you properly do this."

"I got you on a properly flight with a properly driver," he defended himself. "All n***as want to book me a flight," the woman argued.

After watching the video, social media users quickly weighed in on it, with one blasting the rapper, "Y'all swear to god y'all a city girl and a bad a** b***h but can't get yourself sum to eat." Another reacted, "So…he can fly her out to f**k her on a empty stomach??? Y'all n***as scare me."

A third user couldn't accept the way Kodak treated the girl, "Wow. I’m appalled at what some women accept and what some men think is acceptable. The MEN I've dealt with would NEVER! Ladies this is a prime example of 'more money doesn't equal better man!' "

Some others defended Kodak though. "He offered her food though. She declined. Who's fault is it that she didn't eat ?" someone claimed. Another insisted, "What's wrong with left over bbq? Food is food."

Another blamed the woman for not taking care of herself, "She gives off such broke behavior these kind of women want so many handouts 'that's not how you properly do this' like damn get a life."

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