Heidi Klum Strips Down to Tease Her Halloween Costume
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The 'America's Got Talent' judge leaves very little to the imagination as she goes topless to reveal her tan line around the waist as part of her preparation for her epic transformation.

AceShowbiz - Halloween celebrations are not over just yet until Heidi Klum unveils her epic costume. Bringing back her annual tradition after a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she has teased this year's look with a racy snap.

On Sunday, October 30, the supermodel took to her Instagram page to share a picture that offered a glimpse at her preparation for her transformation. The blonde beauty was almost completely naked as she went topless while pulling down her black panties to show her tan line around her waist.

"Halloween Prep 1st step!! Tanning with @jimmyjimmycoco," so the 49-year-old captioned the selfie that left very little to the imagination. She cropped out her face in the image though, putting her bare breasts and toned abs as the focus.

While her Halloween costume is still under wraps, Heidi recently talked to Entertainment Tonight about how intense her transformation will be. "I'm going to be very claustrophobic. Very claustrophobic," she shared.

"Very, very, very claustrophobic, but I don't want to let my Halloween fans down - or myself," she added as she feels challenged. "Because it's an internal challenge with myself every year to come up with something amazing and something unexpected. I feel like I've achieved that this year, now I just really hope it works."

Heidi revealed she never does a "trial" with her elaborate costumes ahead of the big night, so "it's either it works or it doesn't." But having pulled so many epic transformations before, she is prepared for all circumstances.

"Having so many prosthetics on, in the past - [my emotions went] through waves," the "America's Got Talent" judge divulged. "There's moments where I'm like, 'OK, I can do this,' and then it's like, 'Oh, my God, get it off, get it off!' 'Cause it's essentially all stuck on you. It's not something you can take off like a hat when you don't feel like it anymore, and take it off - it's on!"

Heidi added that she will make sure to have an EMT on-site in case she starts "hyperventilating" under all of those layers.

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