Wendy Williams Seen in High Spirits Days After Sparking Concern With Post-Rehab Strange Video

A few days earlier, the former 'The Wendy Williams Show' host sparked concern over her mental health again with a chaotic video to promote her new podcast show.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams appears to be in high spirits. The former "The Wendy Williams Show" host looked good and healthy a few days after sparking concern with a strange video posted two months after her rehab stint.

On Friday, October 28, the 58-year-old media mogul was spotted out and about in New York City. In photos obtained by Daily Mail, she could be seen wearing a military green cropped puffer jacket with a fur-lined hood, eye-catching fuzzy black boots and tiny jean shorts as she headed to Costco.

Wendy was reportedly inside the store for only 10 minutes to speak with the customer service desk. The former TV personality was later seen strolling out of the store with an empty cart and her bodyguard.

The outing marked Wendy's first public sighting since she announced she was checking herself into rehab in September to "take some time to focus on her health and wellness." Then on October 18, Wendy's publicist Shawn Zanotti confirmed that she had returned home. "We are happy to report that Wendy Williams is home and healing after being in a wellness facility since August," Shawn explained. "She wants to say, 'thank you to my fans for your love, support and many prayers.' "

Despite completing her program, Wendy still sparked concern over her mental health among her fans. On October 26, the star shared an odd video on Instagram attempting to promote her new podcast, "The Wendy Experience". However, viewers couldn't quite tell what the star was saying in the chaotic clip.

"Hey!" the former daytime diva seemed to shout before launching into an incoherent speech. "Yeah, it's me, at my apartment. It's going to be a heck of a bumpy ride, so what you do is follow the follow," she appeared to utter.

Wendy's fans quickly took notice of her strange state with one pleading in the comments section, "Still struggling with coherent sentences, like 'follow the follow'!? Ditch these people in New York and go live quietly with your family in Florida and heal."

"What does 'follow the follow' mean? Why not just show a video of her talking clearly without all the distractions?" another concerned user wrote, while an additional person noted, "As much as I love you and really wanna see you back in action, my prayers and thoughts of you getting 100%, even 90% better mentally and coherently is far more important than seeing or hearing you back on TV or radio."

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