Monaleo Speaks Out After Critics Compare Her 'Body Bag' Visuals to 'Jeffrey Dahmer' Netflix Series

When responding to online criticism regarding her gory visuals, the Houston native reveals that she went to school for mortuary science and wanted to be a funeral director before becoming a rapper.

AceShowbiz - Monaleo has responded to trolls criticizing her "Body Bag" music video. The "Beating Down Yo Block" spoke out on Twitter after people compared her gory visuals to "Jeffrey Dahmer" Netflix series.

"I don't want to be nothing like that yt man! I shot bis before that craziness was going on lol," the 21-year-old wrote. "For context: i went to school for mortuary science. I blew up w rap but if i wasn't rapping i would be a funeral director. My dream was to open 'Monaleo Mortuary'! I love death!"

"pretty straight forward i grew up watching true crime ,and was just one of those kids that was exposed to death early but it didn't scare me," the female rapper continued. "I was fascinated with it and the beautification process that went into funerals . I embraced it !!!"

Monaleo, whose real name is Leondra Roshawn Gay, went on to note, "I learned very valuable lessons in mortuary school and i appreciate life way more after realizing my own mortality and the mortality of those around me !i met some super cool people of different ages and backgrounds." She added, "I didn't appreciate it at the time but it was dope."

Hours after setting the record straight, Monaleo turned back to Twitter to once again address the criticism. "I know sometimes it’s hard to drown out negativity whether it be from yourself or from others or both . Contrary to what you believe you got a lot of people rooting for you," she tweeted.

"Nobody should be able to tell you S**T about your art or your craft . Nobody knows what goes on in your head," she further stressed. "If they could do what you do they would’ve done it themselves. A lot of people are going to try to deter you or tell you you aren’t good enough. Stand on your work!"

Not stopping there, the Houston native emphasized in a separate tweet, "Lots of critics with no credentials." She then declared, "Ignore the chatter and keep doing you . You doing a GREAT job!"

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