Mary Lambert Gets Married in Dreamy Wedding, Refuses to Lose Weight for Nuptials

Before her wedding, the 'She Keeps Me Warm' singer tried to find other couples that looked like her and Wyatt Paige Hermansen in bridal magazines but she couldn't find it.

AceShowbiz - Mary Lambert has tied the knot with Wyatt Paige Hermansen. The pair got married on Saturday, October 22 in an outdoor ceremony held at Enchanted Gables in Maine, redubbing themselves as the "bride and broom."

"It feels like the perfect mix of, 'We're on a farm but we're also in our nice shoes. We didn't want it to look like anybody else's wedding. We really want it to be us. We wanted to be the wedding that people look at and say, 'I want to do that,' " Mary said.

"We were trying to find other couples like us in bridal magazines and I just didn't see it. I know they're out there, but it has felt a little constricting, a lot of the gender dynamics. Even myself - as a fat bride, to be like, 'Oh, am I supposed to be losing weight right now?' when I am very content with my body size. So there's a lot of things we've been pushing against, and one of those was our wedding party."

The "She Keeps Me Warm" songstress also hosts "The Manic Episodes" podcast with her significant other and Wyatt added that the outdoor logistics of the ceremony were "important" because they are both creative people.

In the joint interview, Wyatt told PEOPLE, "With both of us being writers, and obviously Mary being an artist and a poet and someone who expresses herself creatively, it was really important for us to have room to say our own vows."

The 33-year-old singer has been in a relationship with professor Wyatt since 2018. Mary first unveiled the news that the pair were set to marry earlier this year, noting that she had "dreamt" of the happy moment for all of her life. She wrote on Instagram, "I've dreamt of this moment my whole life. We're gonna get married in front of god and everybody!!!!! I love you Wyatt Paige Hermansen."

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