Kandi Burruss Mocks Marlo Hampton Following 'Worlwide' Comments
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Taking to her Instagram account, the Xscape singer pokes fun at her 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' co-star for insinuating that she isn't popular worldwide in a video that she calls #KandiSpoofs.

AceShowbiz - Kandi Burruss has a hilarious way to clap back at Marlo Hampton, who insinuated that she's not popular worldwide. Taking to her Instagram account, the Xscape singer poked fun at her "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star in a video that she called #KandiSpoofs.

In the clip, which Kandi shared on Sunday, October 2, Kandi was spoofing part three of the Bravo show's season 14 reunion. Portraying reunion host and EP Andy Cohen, Kandi lip-synced to Andi's voice and asked Marlo, who was also played by Kandi, "Do you really think Kandi is not worldwide?"

In response to the question, Kandi's Marlo shared, "No, she's worldwide." She elaborated, "It's just when I was saying it at the time I was saying you're not in the circles I'm in."

When Andi reminded Marlo that Kandi "got more Instagram followers than everyone combined," Marlo insisted, "When we go places-to Paris or London-I'm just saying we're in different circles. But you're known worldwide. It's different. If me or Kandi right now go to Paris or London or something, I going to get in to certain doors Kandi would not be able to get into."

Later in the video, Kandi's Marlo was seen in a fictional place in Paris. "Hi, I'm Marlo Hampton," she told a guard. After getting compliment from the guard, Kandi's Marlo said, "Wait. It is merci beaucoup right? Because I spelled 'Le'archive' wrong and these b***hes tried me..... You like my fake Paris accent?"

Later, Kandi was seen about to enter the same place. However, the guard stopped her right away. When Kandi continued trying to get into the place, the guard forcefully got her out.

During the reunion, Marlo went on to add, "If I go into the music industry right now, in Hip Hop, different doors are going to open for her than me. She's more Hip Hop, I'm just… Well, I know if I walk around anybody in R&B or Hip Hop or singing; I'm not gonna be able to have any pull."

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