King Charles Likes to Leave Messages to Prince William and Harry 'in the Style' of 'Just a Minute'

According to family friend Gyles Brandreth, the then-Prince of Wales loves to leave answerphone messages to two sons 'in the style' of the BBC Radio comedy show.

AceShowbiz - Gyles Brandreth has joked that King Charles might sentence him to death for spilling all on his crush on his wife Queen Consort Camilla. A close to the late Prince Philip, the 74-year-old broadcaster thought Camilla looked "gorgeous" in her tight-fitting horse riding pants when he spotted her smoking "behind the bike sheds."

"When I had the subject 'My Secret Crush' I began waxing lyrical about how I had met Camilla when she was a teenager. I was talking about this gorgeous girl in her jodhpurs smoking a Woodbine behind the bike sheds," he laughed when speaking to Best UK.

But when Camilla, 75, met his spouse Michele Brown many years later, she wanted to clarify that it wasn't a Woodbine cigarette she was puffing on. He said, "A while later my wife [Michele Brown] met the [then] Duchess of Cornwall at a Jubilee event and she said, 'I don't mind your husband telling the story - but tell him it was not a Woodbine!' "

The former politician had joked that he'd probably get in trouble with the king for revealing that he likes to leave answerphone messages to his sons Princes William and Harry "in the style" of the BBC Radio 4 radio comedy panel game "Just a Minute".

He said, "The King and Queen Consort were regular listeners. When he was Prince of Wales, he did a little message for the programme's anniversary and he revealed that he leaves messages on the answerphones of his sons in the style of 'Just a Minute.' "

He quipped, "But of course, I wrote that King Charles ascended the throne, so I might soon be in the Tower having my head removed."

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