DJ Akademiks Reacts After Joe Budden Calls Him Out for Posting PnB Rock's Interview Post-His Death

In the said interview, the late Philadelphia-born rapper detailed an encounter with some 'bold' Los Angeles gang members months before he was fatally shot.

AceShowbiz - DJ Akademiks has responded to Joe Budden's diss. The social media personality has issued a response after the former Def Jam Recordings artist called him out for posting PnB Rock's interview after the latter's tragic death.

On Sunday, September 18, DJ Akademiks posted a video on his YouTube channel titled "DJ Akademiks Reacts to Joe Budden calling him out for posting PNB Rock Clip after his passing!" In the 25-minute long video, he said, "Let's not make this particular on who could speak about people who died and monetize off of it."

"Because you are all doing it," Ak continued. "If I click on your podcast, and I watch three ads, then I hear you talk about PnB…how much different are you than me?" he asked. "Oh, what'd you think, 'Oh, you're blacker'?"

Ak further explained, "Let's make the rule. Set the rule and I'll do it. If someone dies and you speak about them, whether in full whether it's a podcast, or in a clip, demonetize it." He added, "I am down and I'll sign my name on the signature. From here on out I won't ever do it but I want everybody else, who are hypocrites, [do that too]."

"Because what's happening in this media culture is that you have a bunch of n***as who essentially y'all don't report news, but yeah, I talk about it four or five days later and y'all talk about the same s**t but I definitely got it monetized, yeah I don't turn the ads off," Ak argued. "What do y'all want to do?" he wondered before sarcastically saying, "Is there a rule for some? or is there a rule for all?"

Ak's response came shortly after Joe called him out in the latest episode of "The Joe Budden Podcast". In it, the podcast host condemned Ak for posting PnB Rock's interview, which he'd done roughly 10 days prior to the fatal shooting at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday, September 12.

"I hate that Ak put that clip. This was my exact Adam22 argument about sensitivity. You gotta be sensitive about certain things. I can't put that out," Joe continued. "At the end, while alive, he's describing his partner and he's talking about the role that your partner plays in those instances."

Joe further elaborated, "As a man, we've all been there where we peep something and our partner maybe didn't think it was that serious. So he describes that in his clip and not very long after, shortly after, it comes to life. That exact s**t."

The 42-year-old then expressed sympathy for Stephanie Sibounheuang, the mother of the "Selfish" hitmaker's two children, who has been faced with intense cyberbullying after her partner's passing as many believed she's the one who exposed their location to the killers. "Now, the young lady. I posted a picture. I deleted it. I was getting fried. Now there's a clip that says I was slipping before this. I'm not putting that clip out because that young lady is already dealing with enough," he said, "I don't need to compile on what's going on with her in this moment. For what? It's nasty."

Indeed, Ak released the interview with PnB Rock after the Philadelphia rapper was fatally shot. In the interview, the late 30-year-old artist detailed that he was confronted by some "bold" L.A. gang members while out and about with his baby mama Stephanie.

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