Christina Aguilera Unfollows Britney Spears After Body-Shaming Post Despite Clarification

The 'Genie in the Bottle' hitmaker is uncovered to have stopped following the '...Baby One More Time' singer on Instagram after the latter was accused of fat-shaming the former's dancers.

AceShowbiz - Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears' competition in the industry has long faded, but a tension may have brewed between these two pop icons over another thing. The former "The Voice" judge has unfollowed the latter after Britney was accused of body-shaming the former's backup dancers.

On Monday, September 12, Britney penned, "I wish I could have chosen the nannies for my children ... my dancers ... I mean if I had Christina Aguilera's dancers I would have looked extremely small." Seemingly not seeing anything wrong with what she said, she added, "I mean why not talk about it ??"

Her message accompanied a quote attributed to comedian Rodney Dangerfield which read, "I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people."

Britney quickly caught flak over the post, with one follower telling her, "Britney… body shaming is out." Another cried out in the comment section, "Babe noooooo." A third user remarked, "Thiiiis issss not cool .. yikes."

Christina has not spoken up on Britney's offensive post, but she was revealed to have stopped following the "Me Against the Music" songstress on Monday, shortly after the 40-year-old posted about her former "Mickey Mouse Club" co-star.

Meanwhile, Britney returned to Instagram on Tuesday to deny the accusation that she body-shamed Christina. "By no means was I being critical of Christina's beautiful body, it is what it is !!!" she wrote on another post. "I flew to see her show once and the main thing I noticed was the difference of our people on stage !!! By no means did I even mention Christina, look at my post !!! I was inspired by her show and she is a beautiful woman of power … Thank you @xtina for inspiring me !!!"

She went on explaining, "To be honest, I'm not trying to be critical of anybody. What I posted is a projection of the insecurities I deal with all the time as a result of how my parents and the media have treated me ... I would never intentionally body shame anybody because I know what it feels like ... I struggle with this because of how I feel about myself, not because I hate how anybody looks ... I feel like my family knew I was insecure and people were trying to purposefully feed into this insecurity by not letting me have a choice in the people who were on stage with me. I appreciate you all being understanding with me as I figure out this new life I'm living !!!"

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