'Bachelorette' Finale Part 1 Recap: The Men Meet Gabby and Rachel's Families

The first part of season 19 finale picks up where it was left off in the previous episode, in which Zach asked Rachel to speak privately during her Rose Ceremony.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" aired its first part of its season 19 finale on Tuesday, September 13. The episode picked up where it was left off in the previous episode, in which Zach asked Rachel to speak privately during her Rose Ceremony.

He told Rachel that the Fantasy Suite felt a little off. He also said that he didn't see the real Rachel, it was the "Bachelorette" Rachel. Zach added that while he had expressed all his love for her, he felt disappointed that Rachel didn't do the same for him.

Zach said that he did love Rachel and could see a future with her, but he needed to go. Rachel eventually walked him out. She then returned to the two men who had been waiting for her. She first gave the rose to Tino and then Aven.

Back to host Jesse Palmer, he was joined by Zach and Rachel for After the Final Rose. Zach shared that he hasn't seen or spoken to Rachel since that day in Mexico. Zach apologized to Rachel for calling her out for her character, saying that he was just in shock. Rachel also said that she's sorry too while watching back the episode.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Rachel looked excited when her family arrived at the resort. They met Aven before meeting Tino on the next day. To impress Rachel's family, Aven came with flowers and a bottle. He also gave Rachel's dad a cigar. He told them that Rachel's very special to her and he was happy to meet them.

When speaking alone with Rachel's dad, Aven tried to convince him that he would consider Rachel's feeling every step of the way. He later told Rachel that he was falling in love with her. As for Rachel, she told her mom that she really liked Aven. Her mom was just happy to see her daughter happy.

Aven then had a conversation with Rachel's two friends. He revealed to them that he was not ready for an engagement at the end of this process. Nate believed that was the deal breaker. When Rachel sat down with her friends, Nate told her about Aven's hesitation. Rachel was shocked as she remembered that it wasn't what Aven told her.

She then called Aven out about what Nate told her. The two ended up arguing and at one point he raised his voice to her though he apologized later. Aven told Rachel that he wanted a future with her, but he wasn't sure if he wanted an engagement so fast. In the studio, Rachel admitted that it was really hard because she felt confident with Aven.

It was then time for Gabby to have her family in Mexico. She told them that Erich was the only one left and she loved him. Erich brought Gabby's family flowers and a gift box. Gabby's grandfather really likes Erich and the other family members were also excited for her.

Later, Tino met Rachel's family. After what happened with Aven, Rachel hoped that Tino was on the same page with her. After Rachel told her family that Tino's family didn't like her, her mom asked Tino to speak to him. When asked if his family would be more understanding of their relationship, Tino said yes.

He then spoke to Rachel's dad, recalling what happened during the Hometown Date. Tino was confident that his family would love her eventually. He also said that Rachel meant the world to him and her family gave Tino a huge stamp of approval.

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