Coldplay's 2022 Tour Almost Got Cancelled Due to Financial Issues

Chris Martin and his bandmates almost couldn't hit the road this year to support their latest studio album because of a 'big financial crisis' following Covid-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Chris Martin says Coldplay's "Music of the Spheres" world tour almost got called off because of a "big financial crisis." Currently in the middle of their mammoth jaunt in support of their ninth studio album, the "Paradise" hitmakers are lucky it happened at all and are grateful the run was "saved" and they could "sustain" the "losses."

"It became financially stressful, which we hadn't had before. We never really had a big financial crisis. This was the first time where there was a point where we couldn't do the tour due to all the money stuff," frontman Chris Martin is quoted by The Sun newspaper as seemingly referring to losses from the COVID-19 pandemic when touring wasn't possible.

"But luckily we had some help and they saved the day and we did a few changes here and there. This tour was about trying new things and some of them work and some don't. We are so lucky that we can survive and sustain losses and that's OK."

The fantastical show they ended up with sees Chris and co perform with alien masks and with the fictional puppet band The Weirdos. However, the "Yellow" hitmaker has admitted his bandmate, drummer Will Champion, has to reign in some of his more wacky ideas.

Chris said, "We have ideas people and filters in the band. Without both we couldn't operate. For every idea that you see on stage there has been about 51 that Will said, 'No way.' But that is how it works. He has to feel it. Once he feels it, we do it. That is why Will is the heart and the anchor of the band. If it doesn't resonate with him, we don't do it. If it's close, we keep going until it does."

He went on to explain that they used aliens instead of naming and shaming those they take issue with. Chris - who is vocal about politics and sustainability - added, "The aliens and all that stuff, it's allegorical. It's us talking about life on Earth but without naming names because we are not really into criticism or finger pointing."

"But having alien heads is us saying we really believe in the equality of all people and all beings. So when people say they don't really understand, I feel like that's OK, it is maybe not for everybody. It is only for, like, six minutes. It allows us to go even more free and that is the whole reason we exist these days - to be free and to encourage others to be free."

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