Julia Roberts Reflects on Motherhood and Her Return to Acting

The 54-year-old actress has prioritized her family life over recent years, but she finally ended her four-year movie hiatus by starring alongside George Clooney in 'Ticket to Paradise'.

AceShowbiz - Julia Roberts "loves" being a mom. After prioritizing her family life over recent years, the 54-year-old actress has finally ended her four-year movie hiatus by starring alongside George Clooney in "Ticket to Paradise".

Julia, who has 17-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, and Henry, 15, with her husband Daniel Moder, shared, "I just take it all as it comes. I try to be super present and not plan, and I don't have any upcoming acting jobs. Getting back to a routine feels really good. And I love being at home, I love being a mom."

Filming the movie in Australia, she admits that the country's COVID-19 regulations proved to be a real challenge for the cast and crew. However, the Hollywood star appreciated having the likes of George on set.

"Being in Australia [to film] was really challenging because of all the COVID regulations, and I think it's a real testament to friendship and to the creative environment we were in that it wasn't even harder, because I'm not built to be one person anymore. It's just not in my cellular data," she told the New York Times newspaper.

Julia also relished spending time with George's wife Amal and their five-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella, in Australia. "The Clooneys saved me from complete loneliness and despair. We were in a bubble, and it's the longest I've ever been away from my family. I don't think I've spent that much time by myself since I was 25," she shared.

Meanwhile, Julia recently insisted she could never method act on set. Asked if she could stay in character between takes, Julia replied, "No way. Are you kidding? It is too much. You have to put the bag down. I mean, I admire people that do that. It looks exhausting to me and I secretly think, 'Oh, I wish I could do that. I wish I could be that intense.' I'm just kidding."

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