Kate Moss' Daughter Mortified by How Revealing Her Mom's Iconic Vivienne Westwood Look

While the 48-year-old supermodel is fond of her iconic Vivienne Westwood outfit, her daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack is embarrassed by how revealing the skirt was.

AceShowbiz - Kate Moss' daughter was left mortified by how short her mother's iconic Vivienne Westwood skirt was. The 48-year-old supermodel famously donned the barely-there blue and white-striped garment, topless, while walking the catwalk with a Magnum ice cream in hand, and Lila, 19, a model herself, was embarrassed that her mom flashed her panties in the mini skirt.

"This was one of my favourites. This is a Vivienne Westwood show and it was a Magnum ice cream and they just said, 'Eat that as you go out with no top on.' And I was like, 'Yeah I'll try.' That skirt, I've got one and Lila, she's like 'Mummy! It's so short!' Yeah, you're supposed to see your knickers," Kate recalled as she looked back on her life in looks for British Vogue.

Elsewhere, Kate - who has graced the cover of Vogue magazine a total of 43 times over the course of her career - explained that when she made her debut on the front of the legendary fashion bible as a teenager 29 years ago, she believed she had "made it" as a model and still has the cover framed at her home.

She said, "When I had my first Vogue cover I thought, alright I've made it, that's it, I don't have to do it anymore. I think I was 19. It was really special, for me to be on Vogue it was like wow, I couldn't believe it. I've got it framed at home. It's one of my favourite pictures I think."

The September issue of British Vogue is available now.

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