Stella McCartney Was 'Always Naked' With Dad Paul McCartney and Mom Linda in Their Remote Farm

The fashion designer daughter of the former Fab Four member loves growing up in a remote farm in Scotland with her parents because it was where she felt 'cleanest.'

AceShowbiz - Stella McCartney's family was "always naked" at their secluded farm in Scotland. As her childhood with dad Sir Paul McCartney and mum Linda was split between Sussex and Kintyre in Scotland, the fashion designer said it is where she felt "cleanest."

"I think my childhood in Scotland was where I felt cleanest," she told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday (31.08.22). "It was so natural. We were always naked. My parents didn't even wear deodorant and yet they never smelled."

The mum-of-four spoke about her family's life in the country to promote her upcoming organic, vegan skincare range, and it wasn't clear if she meant "naked" in terms of not wearing beauty products.

Stella is launching the line despite her mum Linda, who died aged 56 in 1998 after a three-year breast cancer fight, having such a low maintenance approach to skincare Stella would beg her to wear more make-up.

Stella, who shares her kids Miller, 17, Bailey, 15, Beckett, 14, and Reiley, 11, with husband Alasdhair Wills, 47, added, "In fact, I did her make-up for her. She was into it, but it wasn't an obvious presence. There's a McCartney rose. We'd grow loads of them and my mum would have it made into essential oils. There were a lot of essential oils."

"I'd also nag her to wear all the fabulous clothes she wore on tour, and her jewellery. She had such beautiful jewellery, but she never really wore it."

Stella says she now listens to her children's worries about the future of the planet when it comes to her product launches.

She said, "Everything I've done - kidswear, vegan shoes, mushroom leather bags, organic, certified fabrics - has been because I couldn't find it in quite the way I wanted it."

"There's no other line of beauty that's as clean and luxurious, with all the active ingredients, as this oneā€¦ to get what I want currently - pure, organic, effective - I have to shop across ranges. Whereas my line is so simple. Just three products."

"The problem is so much of it's terrible for the planet. So then I think, 'OK, just stay out of the sun.' But then it's like, 'F*** it, the sun feels so good, so maybe just for a couple of minutes, just for the Vitamin D.' I'll probably end up a very gnarly 80-year-old. Ideally though, I'd rather not be gnarly."

She added her ex-Beatles singer dad, 80, will "love" her new beauty range as he "positively mourned the passing of my first skincare line."

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