'Bachelorette' Recap: Rachel and Gabby End Hometown Date, Nate Explains Himself on 'Men Tell All'

During the new episode of the ABC dating show, the former suitors of Gabby and Rachel gather to address issues among them, including Logan who caused controversy by jumping lane during his time on the show.

AceShowbiz - It's time for the men in Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's "The Bachelorette" season to tell all. During the Tuesday, August 29 episode of the ABC dating show, the former suitors gathered to address issues among them, including Logan who caused controversy by jumping lane during his time on the show.

Before getting to "Men's Tell All", viewers were brought to Rachel and Aven's Hometown Date in Salem, Massachusetts. The two had a strong connection as Aven felt that she could have a future with him. Meanwhile, Rachel was nervous because Aven's parents didn't approve of two previous women that he brought home.

Before meeting Aven's parents, Aven and Rachel went to Crow Haven Corner and met with Lorelei who is "The Love Witch." She told Rachel she is a giver but she needs clarity. However, when Lorelei went to leave the floor, their love spell fell to the floor.

It was then time to meet Aven's parents. During a conversation with Rachel alone, his dad told her that Aven is so incredible and they had so much in common. She later sat down with his mom, who claimed that bringing Rachel home was a strong message from Aven. It appeared that Rachel was worried for nothing because Aven's parents gave the pair their approval. Aven also told Rachel that he's falling in love with her, making Rachel confident that they would have a happy ending.

Host Jesse Palmer later announced that following the Hometown Dates, Gabby and Rachel decided to keep all the men.

During the "Men Tell All", Logan was put in the hot spot for dumping Rachel over Gabby. He explained he jumped sides because he was conflicted, not because he wanted to mislead or hurt anyone. He apologized to Gabby and Rachel, adding his heart was in the right place.

Nate was the next man to be in the hot seat. He was asked to explain after two women claimed that they both dated Nate at the same time. One of them even alleged that Nate did not inform her that he had a daughter, even though they were together for more than a year.

"I went through a pretty traumatizing time when I went through a divorce," Nate shared. "Essentially, the foundation that was built around my daughter was pretty much crumbled. The one thing that I protect the most on this Earth is my daughter. I would never bring her into a situation that I thought was dangerous, a situation that I feel is unstable. So I made me put a wall up to protect my daughter from the instability of my life."

Of dating the women at the same time, Nate explained, "I would say I'm deeply sorry for the way that I acted." He added, "I should've been more communicative. I should've been more clear in my intentions and I pray that you forgive the man that I was. Because I'm not that same person."

Nate, however, insisted that he meant all the things that he said to Gabby during their relationship on "The Bachelorette". "Every moment and emotion that I had with Gabby was real," he noted. "We both felt it. We experienced it. In past relationships, I can't always say that we had the commitment of being boyfriend and girlfriend, but with this, I committed to Gabby as her boyfriend. I walked into it with that motive."

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