911 Call Suggests Nappy Roots Rapper Fish Scales Kidnapping and Shooting Was an 'Inside Job'

The member of the Grammy-nominated rap group is recovering nicely after he's shot in the leg during a robbery and kidnapping effort at the group's Atlantucky Brewery.

AceShowbiz - Details surrounding the scary shooting incident involving Nappy Roots member Fish Scales have been unveiled. According to a surfaced 911 call, the terrifying ambush was an "inside job."

According to the police docs obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, Scales was leaving his Atlanta brewery Atlantatucky, along with his friend Britt Robinson, to get food on August 17 at around 11 P.M. When Robinson was delayed for several minutes outside, Scales went out to check on him.

Scales told police officers once he was outside, an armed robber pointed a weapon at him and forced him back inside the establishment, demanding cash from the safe. Robinson called 911 and revealed multiple suspects had already confiscated his gun and house keys before turning their attention to Scales.

The suspects knew Scales' address and forced him into a car to go to the home where they were hoping to find more money. At one point, a second suspect tasered him in the back of the head.

"It's a little short n***a though," Robinson told the dispatcher. "He got on a hoodie, and he talking to somebody. Obviously, it's an inside job. Somebody who used to work here, somebody who knows what's going on 'cause he was talking to somebody on the phone when he was robbing me."

Scales eventually jumped out of the vehicle and tried to escape. One of the suspects wrestled him to the ground and shouted, "I don't want to hurt you." However, Scales wound up getting shot in the left leg but he still mustered the strength to run away. He soon found the nearest house, banged on the door and told them to call the police.

Scales later told officers he'd been dealing with a disgruntled employee roughly a year ago but failed to recall his name. He also said it sounded like one of the suspects was attempting to disguise their voice. Officers are still looking for the suspects.

Less than one day after the incident occurred, Scales assured his fans that he's doing just fine. In a since-deleted photo posted by Nappy Roots, Scales could be seen flashing a peace sign while laying in a hospital bed.

"We again want to thank everyone for the support and prayers for our Brother @nappyscales ….he wanted to let everyone know that he is in good spirits and can't wait to get back to the music and @atlantucky brewing…," read the caption of the post. "THANK YALL AGAIN and KEEP IT NAPPY!!!"

In a previous post, Nappy Roots detailed the scary ambush. "Last night our brother, Scales was a victim of an attempted robbery on the evening of August 17 in Atlanta after closing our brewery, Altantucky," read the statement. "We are blessed to say that he is stable and in good spirits after suffering a leg injury. Luckily, none of our dedicated patrons of Atlantucky were at the scene or harmed during the robbery."

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