Paul Newman's Foundation Sued by His Daughters Over Alleged Questionable Practices

Newman's Own Foundation has been accused of mismanagement, scandal, and questionable practices by two of his daughters, fourteen years following his 2008 passing.

AceShowbiz - Two of Paul Newman's daughters have sued the family's charity. Newman's Own Foundation - which was founded by the late actor in 1982 to help various educational and charitable organisations - is accused by Elinor "Nell" Newman and Susan Newman of giving less money to good causes They also allege there has been a "pattern of disregard" and "mismanagement."

"The years since Mr. Newman's death consist of a long and consistent pattern of disregard, by those in control, of Mr. Newman's specific intentions and direction, coupled with mismanagement, scandal, and questionable practices," read the lawsuit, filed at a court in Connecticut, and paperwork from the case obtained by

The charity was first set up in the 1980s to distribute the profits from the actor's Newman's Own food company to good causes and is believed to have given more than $550 million to charity over the years. According to the website, the sisters claim they used to receive an annual payment of $400,000 for charitable donations but it has decreased to $200,000.

Paul was dad to five daughters, but only Nell and Susan are taking part in the lawsuit. The attorney representing the pair - Andy Lee of Foley and Lardner - told the website, "No one should have to feel that the legacy of a departed loved one is being dishonoured in the way that Newman's Own Foundation has disregarded the daughters of Paul Newman."

"This lawsuit does not seek personal compensation for Mr. Newman's daughters, but simply seeks to hold NOF accountable to the charities they have shortchanged in recent years and would ensure they receive an increased level of support in the future, in line with Mr. Newman's wishes."

The sisters are said to be seeking $1.6 million in damages to benefit charities. A representative for Newman's Own Foundation told People, "The Board's philanthropic giving decisions vary each year and the importance of our mission requires us to make the best use of our finite resources ..."

"Best practices surrounding philanthropic organisations do not allow for the establishment of perpetual funding allotments for anyone, including Nell and Susan Newman. A meritless lawsuit based on this faulty wish would only divert money away from those who benefit from Paul Newman's generosity."

Paul Newman was dad to three daughters - Nell, Melissa, and Clea - with his wife Joanne Woodward as well as two daughters - Susan and Stephanie - from his first marriage to Jackie Witte. He also had a son named Scott from his first marriage who died aged 28 in 1988 after suffering a drug overdose.

Paul Newman died in 2008 aged 83.

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