Sofia Carson Defends 'Purple Hearts' Amid Criticism Over Its Misogynistic and Racist Themes

The Netflix movie has been labeled as misogynist and racist for some of its content, including a scene where Nicholas Galitzine's character, Luke, makes a toast.

AceShowbiz - Sofia Carson has responded to the backlash over her new film, "Purple Hearts". While many took issue with the movie's misogynistic and racist remarks, the Cassie depicter defended the Netflix film.

"Why I fell in love with the movie is that it's a love story but it's so much more than that," the former Disney star said in an interview with Variety. "It's two hearts, one red, one blue, two worlds apart, who are really raised to hate each other."

"Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion and love each other and turn into this beautiful shade of purple," the actress added. "We wanted to represent both sides as accurately as possible."

Sofia went on to share, "What I think I've learned to do as an artist is separate myself from all of that and just listen to what the world is feeling and reacting to with the film." She continued, "That has been so beautifully overwhelming and so many people have felt seen or are comforted by this movie. That's all we could want filmmakers and as artists."

Also defending the film was director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. "I hope that people understand that in order for characters to grow, they need to be flawed in the beginning. So we very much intentionally created two characters that had been bred to hate each other," Elizabeth elaborated. "They are flawed at the beginning and that was intentional. In order for the red heart and the blue heart to kind of turn purple, you have to have them be kind of extreme."

"Purple Hearts" follows liberal singer-songwriter Cassie, who marries a conservative Marine, Luke (played by Nicholas Galitzine), so she can get health insurance and pay for insulin which she needs to treat her Type 1 Diabetes. It faced backlash after viewers noticed in one scene Luke makes a toast exclaiming, "This one is to life, love and hunting down some goddamn Arabs, baby!" Cassie confronts him about the remark but the film never addresses the moment again.

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