21 Savage Defends Himself After Being Called 'Hypocrite' for Speaking Against Atlanta Gun Violence
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When responding to criticism about his recent remark on Twitter, the 29-year-old 'Bank Account' spitter insists that he does not promote violence with his lyrics.

AceShowbiz - 21 Savage is forced to defend himself after speaking out against gun violence in Atlanta. Having been dubbed a "hypocrite" for addressing the matter, the "Bank Account" rapper took to Instagram to respond to the criticism.

"It's like a lot of gun violence, a lot of killings and shootings going on and I ain't never seen nothing like this my whole life being in Atlanta," the 29-year-old said during an Instagram Live on Tuesday, August 9. "I ain't never seen it at this point that it's at right now."

"When I speak up on it, they say, 'Oh, you hypocrite, you this, you that.' ... I ain't never promoted violence," he insisted. "I rap about what I've been through, what I've heard about, what I saw. That ain't me promoting violence. That's not me saying, 'Yeah violence is cool' or whatever. Yeah, I say a lot of s**t on songs."

21 Savage went on to explain, "It's a lot of young people who come from these environments we come from that found a way to feed their family and feed a lot of people in they communities and neighborhoods by making this type of music."

The emcee also divulged that he often gives back to his community, but he doesn't show it off to the media. "I love giving back," he said. "I just don't talk about it a lot. … All my good deeds that I do, I don't send them to the blogs to get liked because of it or to get attention."

Before concluding his message, 21 Savage emphasized, "I'm gonna rap about whatever I wanna rap about, at the end of the day." He continued, "It's a lot of killing going on but it's not the whole world."

The clarification arrived after 21 Savage tweeted on Monday, "Atlanta We Have To Do Better Put The F****** Guns Down !!!!!" One of his followers then replied to his post, quoting the rapper's lyrics from "Jimmy Cooks" ft. Drake that read, "Spin the block twice like there ain’t nowhere to park."

Catching wind of the comment, 21 Savage penned, "A song is for entertainment it's not an instruction manual on how to live life in real life I give away a lot of money and spread financial literacy to my community." He added, "Stop trying to make me one-dimensional."

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