Skai Jackson Speaks Out After Her Alleged Nude Pics Leaked Online

Making use of her Twitter account, the 20-year-old Disney star addresses rumors that her alleged nudes leak on social media, claiming that those pictures are all digitally altered.

AceShowbiz - Skai Jackson has set the records straight. Making use of her Twitter account, the 20-year-old actress addressed rumors that her alleged nudes leaked on social media, claiming that those pictures were all digitally altered.

"Can y'all please stop editing this live and photoshopping my bikini top off??" the "Jessie" star wrote on Twitter on Sunday, August 7 alongside a video from her Instagram Live session. "That picture is not real! Thank you very much."

In the attached clip, Skai could be seen rocking a baby blue bikini top. As she noticed that her top was pulled up, the "Dancing with the Stars" alum later fixed it by pulling it down.

Some Internet users appeared to edit some screenshots from Skai's IG live. They made it look like the "Descendants 3" actress was topless, exposing her breast for everyone to see.

Amid the controversy, some fans jumped to Skai's defense. "if y'all seriously think that the skai jackson leaked photo is real, you need to be punched in ur eyeballs fr," a fan wrote on the blue bird app. "It's so weird because they keep doing this and using pictures and videos when she was like 17," someone else commented.

"y'all weird asf for photoshopping @skaijackson live to make it seem like she was showing titties it's not funny It's actually sick asf y'all need to grown up nd find a hobby #dontbeonnuts**t #skaijacksonleaked #skaijackson," another fan added.

Skai isn't stranger to being clowned by Internet users. The Disney star weighed in on people making her into memes in an interview with Huffington Post back in 2016. "When I first saw the meme, I honestly didn't understand why people were making memes of me," she shared at the time. "I was like 'What's so funny about this? There's so many memes going on.' "

"Then I was going through them and they're actually really funny. I don't know who created these but they actually did a pretty good job because it makes me laugh and I took no offence to it and that's why I posted it on my Instagram and Twitter. It's just really funny, and I have a good sense of humour. So I just thought, 'oh wow, that's cool now that I'm a meme and I'm on like all social media pages, on Twitter 24/7,' " she continued. "And even people approach me, like different actresses and actors, they come up to me like 'I see you on my Instagram page like 24/7.' "

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