Tyga Issues Apology for Racist 'Ay Caramba' Music Video

The L.A. native, who has long paid homage to the Latino community in his music, apologizes in a radio appearance after being accused of using stereotypes about Mexican and Chicano culture in the visuals.

AceShowbiz - Tyga has addressed the backlash that he received over his latest music video for "Ay Caramba". During his appearance on Power 106 in Los Angeles, the rapper, who has long paid homage to the Latino community in his music, issued a formal apology after he was accused of using stereotypes about Mexican and Chicano culture in the visuals which was released on July 8.

The radio station prefaced Tyga's Thursday, July 28 appearance in its video with a statement which read, "The L.A. Leakers is a safe space for all guests. We believe the best way to tackle problems is through open communication and we are that space for artists and our community." It continued, "We appreciate Tyga and American Cholo coming in and honesty discussing the issue. Communication is the key to understanding and peace. - Justin Credible - L.A. Leakers on Power 106."

In the interview, American Cholo explained why he found the music video problematic. He noted that there would be outrage if things were switched and it was a non-black person doing the same thing with black stereotypes. As for Tyga, he shared that he was confused by the backlash and that was why he didn't respond to it immediately.

"When I dropped the video, I wasn't in L.A. I was in Europe," the rapper recalled. "Then I started seeing like a lot of people, you know, offended by it and I was kind of confused so that's why I didn't respond. I took time, like, I didn't comment anything, I didn't like any posts and I kind of like tried to do my research a little bit. I tried to ask a lot of my friends that I grew up with that were Mexican," he continued, adding that some of his crew members are Mexican.

"So I was kind of confused. Like you know, why people offended because I've always done Latin. I've always done Latin records," Tyga said. He also shared that he "had no intentions on offending anybody," before apologizing to the Mexican community and his fans that are Mexican.

In the controversial music video, Tyga dresses in a fat suit while eating tortilla chips as he switches on the TV. He later dances with a woman as he dons a bright-colored orange suit with a bright-blue sombrero and an exaggerated mustache. The clip also sees Tyga being a car dealer, a part of a mariachi band as well as a pro-wrestler wearing Mexican attire. The rapper also compares a Latina woman to Tobasco.

Some Internet users took to social media to put him on blast as they found the music video offensive. "When white people do black face everyone loses their mind. But it's crickets when Tyga puts on a fat suit to disgustingly portray a Mexican guy eating tortilla chips for a whole music video. How you from LA and do Mexicans like that smh," one person said.

"As a Mexicano from Compton this ain't it, as a Chicano from California this ain't it, as an indigenous native from Mexico this ain't it, as a foo from the streets from the hoods in Los Angeles this ain't it," someone else wrote in a YouTube comment. Another comment read, "If Mexicans think this is racist, then we as the Black community should respect that. We always want people to respect our Black community and culture."

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