Sheree Whitfield Accused of Faking Martell Holt Romance

After the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' cast member and the 'Love and Marriage Huntsville' star were caught on an outing, she confirms that she has been dating the businessman.

AceShowbiz - Sheree Whitfield may not be dating Martell Holt for the right reason, according to social media users. The reality TV star has been accused of faking her romance with the businessman after she confirmed that they're an item.

Recently, a video surfaced of Sheree and Martell going on an outing. They were seen walking side-by-side, during which they appeared to be holding hands, before hopping into the same car.

A source additionally told TMZ that the two spent an hour on a trail in the suburbs of Smyrna, Georgia last Monday morning, July 25. Sources claimed that they've been seeing each other for a little over two months now.

Following the news, Sheree was briefly interviewed by the news outlet at Beauty Box MD in Sandy Springs, GA. When asked about her relationship with Martell, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star confirmed that they're an item.

"We've been just hanging out, I'm enjoying life right now," Sheree said. She revealed that she met Martell through mutual friends and that she already feels comfortable enough to introduce him to some of her pals and a few family members. She added that Martell's helping her build her clothing line, She by Sheree.

However, many were not convinced by Sheree's claims. Taking to Instagram, people weighed in on Sheree's new relationship with Martell, with many alleging that it is a publicity stunt. "Coming up on the new season of Love and Marriage: Huntsville in September /Spring / Summer….," one person predicted that it will be part of the TV show's storyline. Another similarly claimed, "Awww, a little crossover episode."

A third opined, "I believe this Sheree and Martell relationship is a publicity stunt...I refuse to believe that sheree at her big age is this desperate." Another chimed in, "I def think it's a stunt and a plot to have something to do on RHOA for next season. Her Tyrone story arch did not pan out this season. Instead of focusing on building She by Sheree, which is what we all want to see, she's gonna give use more of her dry dating life."

Someone else criticized Sheree's preference in men as writing, "Now why is Sheree dating Martell Holt?!?? You TOO DAMN OLD to still be making these type of choices in men."

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