Joe Rogan Suggests Donald Trump Used Adderall During His Presidency, Dubs Him a 'Man Baby'
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator makes his comments when speaking with fellow comedian Tom Segura in a new episode of his 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast.

AceShowbiz - Joe Rogan is clearly not a fan of Donald Trump and he has no problem in making it clear. When speaking with fellow comedian Tom Segura in an episode of his "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, the UFC color commentator suggested that the former president used Adderall during his leadership.

"Even as you watch him as president, he was full of f**king energy," Segura said. "They say he slept like four hours a night, he was one of those people."

In response, Rogan declared, "He's on Adderall." The podcaster went on to look for confirmation from his guest, "Do you think he's on Adderall?"

Segura then replied, "Yes. Only because there were multiple people, who used to work on The Apprentice, that were like [Trump] was f**king gassed up for shoots." He added, "This is because he has trouble reading, he would struggle to read prompter or script when he was just sober… So they would give him that and he would dial-in more on the reading. Because he gets very bored, they said.

"He would get bored at the CIA briefing in the mornings. He would go 'I don't want to read that, you f**king read it and then tell me,' " the 43-year-old continued. "They would have to make it more engaging for him because he would just tap out."

Rogan claimed he "heard they would put his name in briefings multiple times to keep him interested." To the statement, Segura responded, "[Jared Kushner], his son-in-law, said he came up with a formula to keep him engaged … the formula was 'two good, one bad.' "

"So if they were going to give him some bad news, you'd start with some good news," he further explained. "So they go, 'This is going well, everybody's thrilled with you about this, here's a bad thing. Also, people love you for this.' "

Rogan was amused by the story. "Of course! He's a man baby," he said, before Segura chimed in, "He's a f**king toddler. It's exactly how I talk to my kids about s**t."

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