The disgraced actor's attorney Andrew Brettler 'can't confirm or deny' if he is selling timeshares at a resort in the Cayman Islands, noting that he has no idea if it's true or not.

AceShowbiz - Armie Hammer's lawyer "can't confirm or deny" if he is selling timeshares. The disgraced actor was recently reported to have taken on a job selling timeshares at a resort in the Cayman Islands, yet his lawyer Andrew Brettler admitted he has no idea if it is true or not.

"I don't know anything about this," Brettler told PEOPLE. He also slammed the interest in the story, adding, "If Armie is, in fact, selling timeshares, I think it's s***** that the media seems to be shaming him for having a 'normal job'." He said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, "I can't confirm or deny it because Armie hasn't addressed it."

This came after Brettler previously insisted a flyer showing Hammer as a concierge at Morritt's Resort in Grand Cayman was fake. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Hammer has now flown back to Los Angeles with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers and their two children, 7-year-old daughter Harper and 5-year-old son Ford.

Hammer is staying at a home belonging to Robert Downey Jr., who is a close friend and reportedly paid for his treatment in the Florida rehabilitation facility the Guest House.

In May, the 35-year-old sought help for drug, alcohol and sex issues amid a police investigation into allegations of sexual assault made against him. A source told Vanity Fair, "Everyone looks at Armie thinking that he's had some sort of privileged life - and that must mean there were no problems in his youth and everything was peachy keen."

"But that's not necessarily the way things go," the source went on explaining. "Just because you come from an upbringing where financial resources are plentiful doesn't mean life isn't without problems."

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