Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers Agree to Co-Parenting Counselling as They're Wrapping Up Divorce
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The 'Call Me by Your Name' actor and his ex will co-parent their children, attend counselling, and only introduce their lovers to the kids under certain condition.

AceShowbiz - Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers have decided to share joint custody of their two children and to stop giving their kids sweets. The 36-year-old actor and his former partner, 40 - who first revealed their separation after 10 years of marriage in July 2020 - are to share joint legal and physical custody of their two kids, Harper, eight, and six-year-old Ford.

Armie will pay $1,500 in child support but spousal support was waived by both parties, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. Also, "The Social Network" star Armie, who is listed as not currently having an income, and Elizabeth will not give their kids sweets when they are with them.

According to The Blast, the court documents read, "The parties acknowledge and agree that it is not in the Minor Children's best interest to consistently have candy during either parent's respective custodial times, and the parties shall refrain from giving the Minor Children candy during each visit."

Armie and Elizabeth previously disagreed when it came to posting pictures of their offspring on social media, with the "Call Me by Your Name" star keen to have a ban on their kids appearing in social media posts. But the pair have now agreed to post using discretion in a "careful, appropriate and discrete manner."

Armie and Elizabeth will also not introduce Harper or Ford to a new romantic partner unless either person has been with their new love exclusively for "at least six months." The former couple will also continue to take part in co-parenting counselling sessions when needed.

The documents read, "Neither Party shall make, nor knowingly allow anyone else to make, any negative, disparaging or derogatory comments about the other Party in the presence of or within earshot of the Minor Children and each party shall remove the Minor Children immediately from any third party doing so. This shall include, but not be limited to, family members, friends, or any other third parties in the presence of or within earshot of the Minor Children."

Elizabeth filed for a dissolution on 10 July 2020 after 10 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the cause of the split.

The report came weeks after the Los Angeles County District Attorney announced Armie would not be charged over claims of sexual assault after an ex-girlfriend previously accused him of raping her.

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