The 'City of Gods' rapper looks bored but still seems to be in good spirits as he keeps himself occupied with his phone while sitting on the side of the road in Malibu.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West has seemingly struggled to find his way back home, literally. The Grammy Award-winning artist has been left stranded alone on the road in Malibu, California as seen in a video which has circulated online.

In the viral video, the Atlanta native was seen sitting alone on the side of the road. Dressing in all black, consisting of a black jacket, pants and boots, he kept himself busy by texting or checking something on his phone.

At times, the 45-year-old looked bored as he closed his eyes and moved his legs seemingly in frustration before yawning. The "Off the Grid" spitter, however, was seemingly still in good spirits despite having had to wait for quite some time.

Several cars were seen passing by but no one didn't seem to recognize Ye or didn't bother to stop and chat with him. That's until one stranger, who took the other side of the road, stopped to greet Kanye and offer him a ride. The Yeezy designer smiled as he had a brief conversation with the man, but it wasn't clear what they were talking about or if the star eventually accepted the offer.

According to The Hollywood Fix which first posted the video, Ye was left stranded after checking out the construction on his home in Malibu. It's unknown how the father of four ended up being left alone without any transportation to take him back.

Meanwhile, social media users have ridiculed Ye over his choice of outfit in the video despite the warm weather. "I bet he's regretting his outfit choice..," one person speculated. Another wondered, "Isn't it hot out there in Malibu bc it's hot asf in does dude wear this s**t outside?"

Some others thought that Ye wasn't stranded and simply sat out there by his choice. "This man is not stranded. Ya'll are something else," one fan defended him. Another claimed, "HE WASNT STRANDED SO YALL GOTTA STOP with the [cap] did he tell u he was stranded."

"Mannnnn Kanye worth more than generationsā€¦ yall really think he stranded??? He prolly right where he wanted to beā€¦ sheesh," one other user commented, while someone else claimed, "That's in front of his house."

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